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Topic: SOV Edits

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    SOV Edits

    Whew! Six hours, 182 gig files and I still have disc 3- 5 to go ...or should that be a , no that\'s better.

    First, if you are new to S.O.V, or Akai and you use Giga Translator, check out Jubal\'s short cuts...very cool.

    This is for the (us)new users of S.O.V.
    Here is where I am.

    I converted A (largest file) programs and S (stereo) programs. I also created separate Gig file for P and F samples.


    First. I redrew any, \"out of natural range\" regions. I did kept some, \"out of range regions\" for the FX section but no more than one octave.

    Second. I removed EG/LFO3 assignment from mod wheel and set depth to 0. Bye, bye, wobble, wobble This is a must if you plan to load, for example, a GOS patch with mod wheel assignments on another Giga port for dual play.

    Third: I assigned GPC1 for attack and GPC2 for release.

    Fourth. I assigned attenuation control to the mod wheel. Helps to dial in a mix.

    That\'s it for now. Disc 3 - 5 left to do.

    S.O.V is a monster.

    Francis Belardino

    Composer/Sound Designer

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    Re: SOV Edits

    Hi Francis,
    I am a copying this from another thread. Just interested to hear your ideas about the attack and release settings and tweaks with SoV:


    Hi Francis,
    While you are getting up and running with your SoV set, I have started to do some editing with my GigaConverted programs.
    I am not (yet) really at ease with the editor, but I am learning.
    My first SoV results are a single Boys Choir Gig, with the P and F using a velocity switch, and the Oos, Aahs, Ees and Mmm programs using a Kbd switch. A lot easier than all the distinct basic AKAI converted programs!

    If you have converted SoV with the ChickenSys translator, I am curious about what release settings you have on the Boys Choir programs. I had a couple with a release time of (I believe) 4 seconds. Now, if that doesn\'t make it sound like a BIG hall...

    I am reducing the release now to 1 sec (still long) and also set the attack shorter. A radical architectural operation (in terms of cubic meters, or feet, whatever)

    Make sure to check the raw sample Waves for deciding on a good attack time. Especially all the + programs (slow attack) are just a waste of disk space; this should be programmed in the same Gig (don\'t know yet how to do that, but a look inside GOS programs will tell).

    Success with SoV, I\'m gonna watch the Phantom Menace Dvd tonight (I can already dream the score).



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    Re: SOV Edits


    Yes, I agree about the + samples. I too, noticed that they employ the same wav files as the A samples. The + is the same sample with slower attack. A waste of HD space.

    I set all attacks and release times to GPC1 & 2, that way I can adjust feel on the fly. I, however, did not notice any long release times after converting with Giga Translator 2.5.

    SOV, is a monster. It is well worth the price of, $419.99. I would say, in many ways, it reminds me of a Garritan release. Many choices. Some, may not be useable for my taste but may be for yours. Overall, the sound is clean. The Choirs in a multi sample setting seem a tad on the synthy side but still pretty. There is some hiss in a few samples but that can be fixed. Many of the FX, Chords, Phrases and Solos are very human and inspirational. (Spiritu)

    What I would like to do at some point is ... time compress and manipulate some patches. Get in the raw wav file and work it

    So again,

    GPC 1 Attack
    GPC 2 Release

    Mod wheel = volume/expression

    Kill and I mean KILL, the LFO3 assigned to the mod wheel. Wobble

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    Re: SOV Edits

    Finished. 383 Giga Instrument files.


    [This message has been edited by Francis Belardino (edited 02-23-2002).]

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    Re: SOV Edits

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Francis Belardino:

    Yes, I agree about the + samples. I too, noticed that they employ the same wav files as the A samples. The + is the same sample with slower attack. A waste of HD space.


    I think this goes back to creating a .gig that contains both the \'+\' programs and the \'regular\' attack programs. This way they do not take extra HD space, but are merely different instruments within the .gig. This is important for any translation into Giga where you want to save precious HD space. On the Akai disks they are not a waste of disk space, it\'s all how they\'re translated.

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