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Topic: Midi Virtual Drivers

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    Midi Virtual Drivers

    Hi friends. Im re-installing WindowsXP with SP3 in my computer. Im trying to only install the necessary things, because in the previous installation i had some bsod problems, and couldnt locate the source of the problem.
    Well, all is running much nicer and stable now. One suspect i had about the unstability was the virtualdrivers i had (virtual dvd drives and midiyoke and maple mididrivers).

    Some days ago i installed again the maple midi drivers, (not the others i mentioned) and i found that the computer become unstable under certain conditions (watching dvd or working with video, and kids playing some games...i know, i know, but daddys computer is more nice to play that the old one). I un-installed the maple drivers, and no problem again.

    Maybe is a coincidence? I dont know, but im wondering two things:
    1-The virtual midi drivers that Gary included in their products are the maple ones, or they were improved in some way?
    2-Do anyone know about LoopBe1 midi driver? It says it was specifically developed for XP/Vista with the wdm model. Maybe it`s a better choice?

    Well, any other tip or opinion is welcome.

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    Re: Midi Virtual Drivers

    It could be the midi virtual drivers or it could be the sound card needs an updated driver. Have you tried that?

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    Re: Midi Virtual Drivers

    Can't say I've run into problems with Jeff's Maple.

    But I've also used LoopBe1 for quite a while, too.
    It seems quite solid.


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Midi Virtual Drivers

    Thanks your answers guys. I will try the loopBe driver, if it is stable, i will purchase it maybe.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Midi Virtual Drivers

    Try MIDI-Yoke before you buy anything. I have used it with XP SP2 for a couple of years without any problems.

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