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Topic: Good Collection of Winds-Horns in Giga or Akai?

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    Good Collection of Winds-Horns in Giga or Akai?

    Hi folks:

    I\'m just starting up with orchestral sampling. Doing some Akai sampling now and plan to transition to GigaStudio eventually.

    I currently have Kirk Hunter Virtouso and Dan Dean Strings so I am basically happy with the strings portion of my virtual orchestra.

    But I am really in need of Wind and Horn instrument samples. A friend of mine wants to sell his Miroslav Vitous Akai collection to me, but I noticed the winds/horns are not looped and are actually panned either left or right? Will centetring these panned intruments in my sampler/sequencer fix this? Is having looped intruments a disadvantage.

    Do you have any wind & horn instrument recommendations, preferably a collection (or two) that has it all?

    Thanks for your patience with this novice sampler newbie.


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    Re: Good Collection of Winds-Horns in Giga or Akai?

    We are just about to release the DD Solo Brass in AKAI, followed by DDSWW and the new yet to be released DDBE Brass Ensembles. It shouldn\'t be too much longer at this point for all of these releases.

    Dan Dean
    Dan Dean Productions

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