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Topic: garritan steinway vs ewql?

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    garritan steinway vs ewql?

    I own the Garritan, which sounds great to me. But I heard a demo of the ewql Steinway the other day. Also sounds great.

    Does anyone own both? How do they compare for, say, classical rep?


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    Re: garritan steinway vs ewql?

    John -

    I have the Garritan Official Steinway (Professional version) and while it sounds good, it is certainly lacking in the playability department, at least for my style - New Age.

    The challenge for me is to get things sounding soft enough, and balanced - accomp. vs. melody.

    My problem is two fold: (a) the Steinway has very few useable settings for velocity curve, with too great a difference between them, and (b) my controller (Roland HP-207) also has very few settings for velocity curve. So, between the two, I can't actually edit a proper velocity curve.

    I too am considering EWQLP, and while the demos sound very good (even after repeated auditioning), I wonder about how powerful the settings are for shaping the velocity curve.


    PS - John - How many years have we been at this?
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    Re: garritan steinway vs ewql?

    How many?

    You know the answer..... too....m.....



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    Re: garritan steinway vs ewql?


    I came across some velocity curve modifying software that I really like, and here's the link: http://www.trombettworks.com/velocity.php

    It's quite flexible, and really changes keyboard response, probably the best piece of freeware I've ever used!

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    Re: garritan steinway vs ewql?

    Galaxy has five built in velocity curves, which can be reshaped by turning a knob. There are also three "split" curves, providing 4, 5, and 6 zones. I haven't tried them.

    I think that users can also construct their own velocity curves in the Velocity Editor.

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    Re: garritan steinway vs ewql?

    The Galaxy II does indeed allow a great deal of velocity curve shaping (including offset) in the box, and it is very tweak able overall.

    However, after having spent a lot of time with the Galaxy II Bösdendorfer DE, I was surprised by how "chunky" it sounded in arpeggiated lines compared to some of the competitors. It strikes me as a library better suited to chords and more dry/rhythmic pieces rather than flowing ones and has prompted me to look even more closely at the Bluthner DMO than I had before.

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