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Topic: mod wheel difference in GPO and JABB

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    mod wheel difference in GPO and JABB

    I have had JABB for a while now and just installed GPO - I love it.

    One thing I noticed, when the mod wheel is all the way down in JABB and a key is pressed, there is no sound at all. However, when the mod wheel (same wheel, same keyboard, same computer) is all the way down, the GPO instruments still sound at a very low volume - they are not silent, when pressing a key, like the JABB instruments.

    Both libraries are installed in the same KONTAKT 2 player. This difference occurs even when using both libraries in the same instance of KONTAKT. I can have a JABB instrument on channel one, and a GPO instrument on channel 2, and the JABB will be silent if the mod is all the way down and the GPO will still have a very faint sound. Is there some setting I need to change, or is this just how GPO is? My version of GPO is the third edition.



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    Re: mod wheel difference in GPO and JABB

    Hi Mikul,

    JABB and GPO are slightly different in their programming, as you surmised, and the modwheel (along with other controllers) reacts differently.


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    Re: mod wheel difference in GPO and JABB

    Thanks for the clarification, Reegs!


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