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Topic: Vienna Instruments Woodwinds Mix

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    Vienna Instruments Woodwinds Mix

    How's the mix on this wind trio?


    I used Vienna Instruments woodwinds (bassoon, oboe, clarinet): a combination of download samples and samples from the second volume of woodwinds on DVD.

    Is it too dry? Should I make it more wet? More trails?

    Someone at another site said the link did not work. Anyone else have a problem with this?

    It's a little less than 3 megabytes and about 1:30 in length.



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    Re: Vienna Instruments Woodwinds Mix

    Quote Originally Posted by Marko View Post

    Someone at another site said the link did not work. Anyone else have a problem with this?
    Hi Marko,

    same here..... . It opens the player but then windows says: Can`t play this file because an error...... .

    Edit: With right mouseclick it works... .

    I am missing some dynamic and a little bit more ER in the mix, and of course, as mostly with the VSL instruments, I am missing a little bit human factor..., notes are too perfect to my ears.
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    Re: Vienna Instruments Woodwinds Mix


    Thanks for checking this out. Here's another link, but I am not really sure how it differs from the first.


    I don't know where the syntactical error is. Please let me know if this link works any better. If it does not work, here is the location of the file:


    Regarding the missing human element: I suppose this is a pretty dry, formal piece that is not expressive in terms of human emotion. I think I may have paid more attention to the formal musical structure.

    Thanks again.


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