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Topic: Underscore demo posted

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    Underscore demo posted

    Nevermind, it bites! Funny how you do something one night and like it, then the next day think it totally sucks.

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    Re: Underscore demo posted

    Bwahahaha, I was able to have a listen. Oddly enough, I was *just* thinking about the Contact score, and there are the notes (well, a couple, at least)!

    Seriously, it wasn\'t bad, but it is kinda hard to judge with \"underscore\" stuff. It did need a bit more of... something. I dunno. (EDIT: Panning! That\'s it. Adjust some of those ambient sounds)

    Ignore my post!

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    Re: Underscore demo posted

    I agree Lance. There is a chord progression exactly like one of the Contact cues, that\'s why I took it off. Not very original.
    Trying to do soft ambient underscore stuff is trickier then I thought. That damn piano seemed to blurt out to loud no matter how soft I played or soft it was in volume. Maybe to much lows.
    Oh well...good riddance!

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