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Topic: Cool site and cool sounds

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    Cool site and cool sounds

    I bumped into this "walk down memory lane" a while back and thought I would share. It made me drool for my old Roland D-50. Man I miss that thing. The 1st time I heard the patch Fantasia I peed a little

    I used to freak out over the Synclavier and Fairlight as well. I bought Cult Sampler to finally get some of those sounds. I can't tell you how bad most of them are (were?). Am I just spoiled with stuff like Atmosphere, FM8 and Albino3? Are there mind blowing Synclavier sounds that need to be resurrected? Anybody here have any experience with these older synths? I read that a full blown Synclavier could run you close to 1/2 a million. Zappa was quoted at 250k for his.

    And finally, please Lord pleeeeese! Someone make a D-50 VST. I'll buy 2. That thing brings back some happy memories for this camper. Maybe I should save up for the V-Synth with the D-50 card? I know there are copyright issues with the 8k of samples but Roland do the right thing!

    Sigh, the good old days...


    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Re: Cool site and cool sounds

    Wow, thanks for this link... not only am I able to find certain names for certain preset sounds, I also found titles to certain retro songs

    I think this is a really great "catalogue" for synthesizer reference.

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