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Topic: The Music of Dissent

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    The Music of Dissent

    I didn't know Alexander Solzhenitsyn had passed away on Aug 3 (i never watch the news), or actually didn't know he was still alive up to that time... or i would have maybe tried to get in touch with him to sign my copy of Gulag.

    Here is an interesting article which credits him as having given leading Russian musicians an outlet for dissent during his fight for freedom of speech and expression.


    They mentioned this today on WRR, classical radio station, and so i thought i would share with the forum.

    RIP Alex!


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    Re: The Music of Dissent

    I wouldn't feel too bad about not hearing of Solzhenitsyn's death. It was monumentally under reported (I heard about it on a Melbourne news site - I'm Australian though living in Phoenix).

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