Hello everyone,

I wanted to provide a commentary on something that's been a vexing challenge to me for quite some time: getting authentic realistic brass (sax, trumpet, bones, etc) into my jazz tracks. To date, I've been using a BC3 combined with a Yamaha VL1-m as well as a Yamaha VL70m with "Patchman" additions. From a sampling perspective, I believe these are hard to beat, but I've been hoping to find a reliable "online" source for recording live tracks. The problem is that you can't just farm this out on an instrument by instrument basis... What you really need is a complete brass section, right? And of course, we all value our time, so...

Well, I think I might have found a solution in NewYorkBrass.com! These chaps are an "online recording studio" just like my other source: StudioPros.com, BUT they specialize in BRASS. FINALLY!

I decided to put them to the test by having them re-record the brass sections on two of my more recent tunes. I'd *like* to think the difference is substantial, but I'll invite you to judge for yourself? The original versions of each tune are still loaded into the main player located on the site header.


From here, you can also link back to the work (albeit unmixed) they did on "Worship".

Danny (at NewYorkBrass.com) was a pleasure to work with and I was particularly impressed with the near 24-hr turnaround time. I hope any of you searching for greater authenticity find this to be of use...

All the best,