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Topic: Alchemy of the worlds - i play more than 15 instruments!

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    Alchemy of the worlds - i play more than 15 instruments!

    ok, this is not 100% GPO... i only used the piano and the percussion from it... anyway, it is an interesting piece, according to me! :-)

    it is a piece in which i play a lot of different instruments, all of which i have at home


    i cannot tell the genre, if you have some idea to tag this music please tell me! :-)
    i want to stress that all the instruments were played and recorded by myslef at home (i admit i have some difficult with some of them and i used a lot of audio editing! ), and that the only samples are the one from the piano (anyway played with my keyboard) and the percussion/drums.

    This is the instrument list (in order of appearance):

    Drying clothes rack – look here ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxUsSbhlckg ) for furhter informations... :-)
    tibetan bell
    electric guitar Hamer Slammer archtop series
    classical guitar Alhambra 3C
    bass Ibanez soundgear
    12 string acoustic guitar
    erhu (chinese violin)
    acoustic guitar Yamaha CPX5
    dizi (chinese flute)
    panflute from the andes
    fujarka (slovak flute)
    piano (samples from Garritan Orchestra)
    Rayzoon Jamstix for drum parts
    synths: Korg 01RW, Yamaha TG77, Creamware Minimax
    Valiha (traditional instrument from Madascar)
    Indian Sitar
    Flute (classical traverse flute)
    electrical guitar Yamaha Pacifica
    Creamware B2003 (hammond)

    the electric guitar and bass sounds are made with creamware Dynatube.
    Preamp: SM pro audio TB202 (used also for the direct recording of bass and guitars)
    Mic: roytek CM200WB
    mix and mastering with Creamware/Sonic Core board

    what do you think about this piece and, most important, of the sounds and the mix?

    I have also the idea about making a video of this piece, with me playing all these instruments, but this will come only in some months.... :-)


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    Re: Alchemy of the worlds - i play more than 15 instruments!

    Very impressive!!

    Thank you for posting the instruments in order, that is a great touch.

    There are only a couple of things I would say about the mix.

    The panning of the clothes rack is odd.

    A little more dynamic variations in the various flutes as they are each played might help.

    These are both minor things.

    Overall, I think this is great, World music.

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: Alchemy of the worlds - i play more than 15 instruments!

    Genre, you ask? Why -- it's pure Bosi, if course!

    An excellent job on this, Matteo; impressively well
    done. And seriously, I don't know what genre it
    might be; but I do know I thoroughly enjoyed the
    listen to this richly inventive, beautifully produced

    Many compliments! This is top-flight work, my
    friend, in every regard.

    All my best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Alchemy of the worlds - i play more than 15 instruments!

    thank you very much for your appreciation!!
    yesterday we began to film the video... but we will take now a long stop until the end of september due to lack of time at the end of holydays!!

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