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Topic: Tonight we view, vote.

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    Senior Member Styxx's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    West Seneca, NY

    Cool Tonight we view, vote.

    Tonights the night we get to view the film ... the short film (not about shorts) I had the pleasure and frustration to write the music for. Well, not actually physically write more like sequenced. Hope I can get a copy and post it so as to share. Then again, I don't know if I should seeing as there are so many here that have been doing this for years. Of course I may learn more about this type of work by your critiques, yes? There is only one part of this I wish I could have had time for. Asking DPDAN for his professional wizardry in mastering.

    Well be what it may, I'm excited (not to mention the check )!

    Vish me luck or locks or we're not in Buffalo any more,Toto!

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    Re: Tonight we view, vote.

    Best of luck Styxx, can't wait to hear how it all went

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    Re: Tonight we view, vote.

    YOU deserve this Mike!


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    Re: Tonight we view, vote.

    Very cool, Styxx! Sounds like it was an interesting gig for you. So humble in your post--HEY you did the job, and that's to be proud.

    "...Well, not actually physically write more like sequenced..."

    HEY now. If that's not "writing," then a lot of DAW users will have to wonder what it is they've been doing! I know what you mean, but as a Sonar user who now has the pleasure(??) of writing music with a notation program--I'm here to say I will Always prefer the hands-on, visceral experience of using a sequencer to compose.

    In ANy case--Hope you get a copy to post. We'd all love to hear, I'm sure.

    Randy B.

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    Senior Member rwayland's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
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    Re: Tonight we view, vote.

    Well, it sounds like you ought to be feeling rather elated now, as well as a bit exhausted! Now, do another, get on a roll!


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