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Topic: DP and Mac

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    Cool DP and Mac

    As much as I liked Samplitude for audio the midi end is a little to involved. So, I've decided not to wait any longer for the main studio to be finished to open, set up my Mac, and install DP to get started.
    Either I'll sell the PC's or use them for other stuffs like a anchor for my boat. (If I had a boat).
    I've been putting this off due to laziness taking the time to install all that Garritan Jive Cosmic Debris.

    Entering a new world order with DP.

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    Re: DP and Mac

    cool guys!

    I only started using computers for music in 2004 when my friend said
    "you gotta get a Mac and DP"

    ... SO I DID!

    and Man am I glad I did.

    Ern is right,,,
    call HIM if you have any questions he he he
    I just loaded DP6 and while MOTU is correcting some GUI issues,
    it's awesome!


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    Mar 2004
    West Seneca, NY

    Re: DP and Mac

    Thanks gents I'll be sure to ring your door bells night and day.

    I have DP5 and will install and register. Is there an upgrade to 6 or would your best advice be to learn 5 ... or 6 ... 61/2 ... 5 and 7/8ths ... or learn to bake bread while standing naked on the rooftop of a police station ... or .................................................. ......................................

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    Re: DP and Mac

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen View Post
    I've been using Performer for sequencing since the Truman administration
    Give 'em midi, Harry!

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    Re: DP and Mac

    Hi Mikey!

    I am so happy for you. What's so cool is that I can mail you some of my DP projects, and then you can maybe pick up some stuff from those.
    What Mac do you have? I also recall that you have a Presonus audio interface,,, is that correct?

    As Ern said, of course we're both here and willing to help.

    Under normal situations, I would recommend that you start with DP5, but quite a few things ARE different in DP6 compared to DP5 so,,,, I recommend that you install DP5, register it, (simple) and then go to the MOTU website and get the free DP 5.13 update.

    Since you have not purchased DP recently (if my memory serves me correctly) there will be a $195.00 upgrade fee from MOTU for DP6, but trust me, it will be worth it.

    I am highly recommending that you start out with DP6, not DP5, because I want your learning experience to be minimal.

    I want you to let me know when you can spend some time on the phone (skype) so I can get you going with it.
    You're gonna love it!

    In the mean time, go to skype.com and get setup if you aren't already.
    Radio Shack sells the headsets for about 40 bucks.
    We can talk totally free, and share files back and forth instantly while we talk.


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