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Topic: A new violinplayer

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    A new violinplayer


    today I have bought me a beginners violin set!

    I am so impressed that I now want to learn to play the violin, and I am 47 years young... .

    Please, wish me good luck.

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    Re: A new violinplayer

    Quote Originally Posted by germancomponist View Post

    Please, whish me good luck.

    Well, you will need a bundle of it! But I expect it will be fun if your neighbors don't start throwing bricks!


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    Re: A new violinplayer

    Quote Originally Posted by rwayland View Post
    Well, you will need a bundle of it! But I expect it will be fun if your neighbors don't start throwing bricks!

    Hello Gunther,

    I took up the violin at a tender age and this became my main study at music college. It's a truly beautiful instrument and, whilst it can often be a formidable instrument to play, I'm sure you will thoroughly enjoy it.

    Good luck.
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    Re: A new violinplayer

    Interesting. In my case, using virtualinstruments make me to apreciate more the real ones. I bought a clarinet a month ago, because the samples limitations make me wish the real thing.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: A new violinplayer

    I started at age 50.

    It is a formidable challenge, but also quite satisfying, whatever level one obtains, and a good thing to have under one's belt as a composer, if for no other reason than to more fully understand the technical issues string players have.

    I still can't decide if bowing or fingering is the more difficult of the two. There are so many variables in tone production - string material, string gauge, rosin, bow, bow hair, chin rest, shoulder rest, bridge material, bridge shape, bridge height, bow grip, bow pressure, finger placement, finger pressure, fingering, thumb placement, shifting, shoulder, elbow, and wrist, not to mention the instrument itself - that it can be an overwhelming task as a beginning student to pinpoint exactly where the problems lay when things don't "speak" properly. A good teacher is vital.

    Best of luck in your new endeavor!

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    Re: A new violinplayer

    What is a "beginners violin set" ? Is that a box filled with all bits and pieces like those IKEA chairs, you have to assemble yourself?

    Anyway, good luck finding a new free standing house.

    Raymond - sincerely wishing you good luck.

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    Talking Re: A new violinplayer

    Welcome to the club then, I say.
    I myself started at the age of 14 (which is with my modest age really late) but now I show the same skills as my fellow violinist that have played like since the had fingers the moral being that one can never start to late.
    So congratz on your first squeaky steps on the long and winding road that is the art of mastering the violin.
    Regards Danial Zainali
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    Re: A new violinplayer

    All the best Maestro Gunther with your new instrument. Knowing you, you'll master it quickly.

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    Re: A new violinplayer

    One of those rare instruments that can play practically ANY genre of music! Best whishes.
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    Re: A new violinplayer

    Hallo Gunther,

    That's great news!

    I once learned the violin, but it was only for a very short time... I preferred the piano...

    with the learning!


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