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Topic: Cannot seem to get GPO to work standalone

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    Cannot seem to get GPO to work standalone

    I have installed GPO from my dvd, updated it both 1.x and with kontakt player 2.x, authorized everything in the NI centre, but I can not launch either GPO or the K2 player, it always gives me 'encountered a problem, needs to close'.

    This is on XP32 with an audigy 2 sound card, no errors or anything during installation, the VSTs work fine, on the kontakt player launch window the error seems to happen during 'initializing audio driver'.

    Since I plan to use GPO pretty much exclusively as a VST this doesn't worry me too much, but it still makes me a little uneasy: does anybody have any idea?

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    Re: Cannot seem to get GPO to work standalone

    Well, I've never used it as stand alone until now. But it worked first time when I started it from the "All Programs" - Garritan Jazz and Big Band KP2
    and also Garritan Personal Orchestra KP2. It won't work from the original KP1 because the files are different.

    I'm using Windows XP32 with a Sound Blaster Live from Creative. is the audio driver up to date AND accessible - I use ASIO4ALL generally, this is fine and freely available
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    Re: Cannot seem to get GPO to work standalone

    I have been browsing around the NI site and I guess this might be related to the fact that I have more than one audio interface (I also have a guitar port), I tried their guitar rig demo but that one starts just fine, I wonder why only kontakt would have issues... in any case it seems to work fine in reaper and cubase so I am happy

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