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Topic: Realistic Strings

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    Realistic Strings

    Dear Forums:

    I'm currently using GigaStudio 3 with Cubase to create orchestral songs. I have a few questions.

    1. I'm considering upgrading from GS3 Orchestra to GS4. I'm not willing to let go of the free Vienna library that comes with GS3. Will GS4 support the GS3 samples of the Vienna Library? I'd hate to invest in new ones.

    2. I'm still looking for ways to make strings sound realistic. What can I do to make my strings sound as much like a real orchestra as possible? I've heard many sampled music with near orchestral quality. What can I do to smooth note transitions, tone control, etc?

    Any tips would be kindly appreciated.


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    Re: Realistic Strings

    I'm not sure I'd upgrade to an obsolete product with no future and recommend you start looking to move to something like Kontakt rather than GS4.

    As for strings - the passages that I've always been impressed by use multiple layers to "hide" or mask the fact that orchestral strings are extremely difficult to make sound realistic - techniques I've seen using VSL are using a mix of Strings, Appassionata Strings and Chamber.

    It may be worthwhile saving a little more money and going for the VSL Special Edition or even d/l individual instruments packs rather than going to GS4 too - especially if you've never used the VI player which is really very good.



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    Re: Realistic Strings

    Alright. Thank you.

    Let's ask all these questions in one go.

    1. Let's assume that I have a budget of 2000$ - 3000$ for softwares.

    What would be the -optimal- VST for such? I'm running Cubase as my sequencer and could use a VST that doesn't crash every 5 minutes (like Gigastudio. Argh! Aggravating).

    2. Whatever I have left over from above, I'd like to invest wisely in some newer symphonic libraries. Would the Vienna Spec. Ed. be a wise choice? I heard rave reviews on Garritan and others. Which should I go?


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    Re: Realistic Strings

    Aside from VSL, 2 more suggestions:

    Sonivox symphonic for Kontakt: http://www.sonivoxmi.com/ProductDeta...onicCollection

    Project SAM Symphobia: http://www.projectsam.com/Products/Symphobia/

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    Re: Realistic Strings


    It does depend on what sound you are after. Symphobia is great for that big sound but doesn't do everything and loses out on the subtleties. VSL is excellent if not expensive when you suddenly get addicted and want every product they make - plus it takes more effort to use all those hundreds of types of sound. Garritan and the other string libraries are all also very good but everything takes effort and practice to get strings that sound "realistic".

    So there is no easy answer I'm afraid


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    Re: Realistic Strings

    Hi there:

    Thanks for the abundant help. Much appreciated.

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    Re: Realistic Strings

    East West SO Platinum with Play engine, end of story, your done.

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    Re: Realistic Strings

    I gotta say, the Symphobia strings are MUCH more realistic and versatile than I thought they'd be. Those sordinos and soft sustains are spectacular! I'm in string heaven.

    The Sonic Implants Strings remain some of the best-sounding out there, and my other favorite strings are the Appassionata's from VSL. These two libraries combine particularly well also.

    Mr. Kerry Muzzey

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    Re: Realistic Strings

    I would avoid the Play versions of those libraries.
    I just purchased Stormdrum2, which is also Play based, and it has been nothing but trouble.
    Issues I have:

    -On installation, it didn't install either the program or the vst plug-in; only downloading an update sorted this
    -After installation and authorisation of my iLok, the library wasn't authorized and even another reinstall didn't fix it.
    It took another day and a half to get customer support to send me the required license file
    -Nuendo would crash often or not even start properly when I had the VST plug-in installed. I now run it externally in Plogue Bidule so that when it goes, it doesn't drag down Nuendo with it.
    -The UI is huge, somewhat archaic and multiple channel management is poor compared to Kontakt based offerings.
    -I'm currently experiencing a bug where offline bouncing doesn't work correctly, forcing me to do realtime mixdowns of anything I do with Play.
    -other than filter settings and velocity shaping, there's not a whole lot of tweaking you can do.
    -Play seems more cpu intensive and jittery than Kontakt based offerings.

    All in all, so far I'm not pleased with it at all. ymmv ofcourse, but my experience has been quite dismal so far..and it wasn't cheap either.


    Joris de Man - Composer | Sound Designer - www.jorisdeman.com | Killzone 2 soundtrack now available on iTunes link

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    Re: Realistic Strings

    The strings from VSL have given me the best results I could ever want.

    I would suggest getting the Special Edition and see how that works for you. You can buy just the strings down via download.

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