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Topic: Classical music in iTunes?

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    Smile Classical music in iTunes?

    Hey y'all,
    On Thursday I began the second year of what I believe is the equivalent to the American college, and to our disposal we all got a MacBook. Now, I've never had a mac before so I'm still learning. But I have one question. Is it just me or is iTunes not the optimal player tool for listening to classical music? I'm quite picky about playing an entire piece in the right order but iTunes it sorts everything by name, album, artist etc so it's impossible to me to just select a bunch symphonies and have them playing in the order I selected them, from the first to the last movement, like you could in windows media player. I could do like a billion playlists, one for every concerto, divertimento, serenade, symphony, quintet etc... but that just seems like such a pain in the ( )( ) (Think my library is about 4 gb)

    Beside this trivial problem the mac is an awsome machine!
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    Regards Danial Zainali
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    Re: Classical music in iTunes?

    Well, you could organize the symphonies into albums and match track number to movement.

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    Re: Classical music in iTunes?

    If you use iTunes to listen to any music, you must go to the iTunes preferences, and un-check the first three boxes in the "playback" settings.

    Unfortunately, everyone in the world on a Mac with iTunes is listening to their music partially out of phase and hence the reverb in the recording appears to be louder because of this pathetic "sound enhancer" option.

    YES, the geeks at Apple think this option should be turned on by default. Brother!

    Another very frustrating thing with a Mac is the audio compression that CAN NOT be turned off while watching a DVD. Funny, there's the option to disable DOLBY dynamic range compression, but no matter what setting you use, the audio is squashed beyond belief, all the life in the music is sucked out.

    This is so pathetic in the age of digital audio where dynamic range is superior to anything analog, we have tech engineers at Apple and Dolby doing whatever they can to try to keep the volume the same.... ughhh!!

    Don't get me started....

    sorry for the rant, did I say how much I do love Apple and despise DOLBY?

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    Re: Classical music in iTunes?

    ITunes supports the Composer tag, so you could add that to your files. You could then create a smart Playlist that sorts by Composer.

    In general, tagging is not set up very well for classical music. I spend a lot of time changing the default tag info to suit myself. For example, if you want the movements of a piece to play in the proper order, you have to add numbers.
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    Re: Classical music in iTunes?

    Oh well, then I'm of to start taggin' then
    Regards Danial Zainali
    Reinvent powdered wigs!

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    Re: Classical music in iTunes?

    for the very same reason, i HATE iTunes. however the rest of my mac is awesome so i live with it.

    Thanks for drawing my attention to the sound enhancer button being on by default DPDAN. Thats pretty stupid! What does the enhancer do exactly?!

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    Re: Classical music in iTunes?

    while I have no idea exactly everything the "sound enhancer" is doing,
    it is mostly messing with phase, and it's horrible,... try it.

    The same thing that boom boxes and cheap home theater receivers do,
    At least it turns off when we tell it to, unlike the stupid Dolby crap in the Apple DVD player.


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