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Topic: GPO On Second Computer - HOW???

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    GPO On Second Computer - HOW???

    Now it's My turn to be confused. I've seen people struggling with Native Instruments and its sometimes frustrating registration routine, but up until now, it's been smooth sailing to get all my various Garritan Libraries up and running on my music computer.

    But now I finally have joined the 21st Century and have a laptop for working on music while traveling. I've installed CMB easily, with the NI Service Center working fine for me in offline mode--transferring data back and forth via a USB stick --laptop being kept offline for now.

    BUT now I'm trying to get GPO on the laptop, and I'm stymied.

    dondusko has a recent thread about registering GPO, but his information didn't jibe with what's happening with me--Because when I go to NI's update page, all my Garritan libraries are listed except GPO. I've seen other people saying it didn't show up on their NI list, but it didn't seem to matter. I upgraded GPO to Kontact Player 2 last year and that went fine--But now the upgrade link is gone or invisible.

    When I stepped through the Service Center routine with GPO, it said the serial number was already registered to someone else--Me of course. I expected this, because I've seen from many posts that a new serial number has to be requested for when you're installing on a second computer.

    But I can't find any reference anywhere to GPO, and no place to request a new serial number--since there's no info about GPO at all.

    Tired of running around the NI maze, have been doing nothing else for the last two hours. Can't find support email at NI--will look for that some more, but in the meantime---

    ---Help a befuddled ol' moderator out?---Who do I have to kiss up to to get my GPO library on my laptop??

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO On Second Computer - HOW???

    Hi Randy,

    The support email is:


    I suggest you write to them, with details about your registered GPO serial number, and that you need it (or a new number) for a second computer.

    Good luck!


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    Re: GPO On Second Computer - HOW???

    Hi, Yudit!--Thanks for the reply.

    After writing this post a little earlier tonight, I found the well-hidden form for getting email support at NI. I explained my situation, gave them my GPO # etc---I'm sure it'll work out.

    It's just too bad that the easily-found update link isn't there anymore. It was easy to get GPO upgraded to KP2 on my desk top computer last year, but all the advice I've found here on the Forum seems to be out-dated--requesting a new serial # through the site--because that option is something I just can't find. GPO isn't even listed on my user page--all the other Garritan libraries are there, but not GPO. Hmmm. Why?--I wonder.

    I'll patiently await NI's tech support reply.

    Thanks again!
    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO On Second Computer - HOW???

    Randy, it sounds to me like you used a different email address to authorize GPO with. You can log in with that address to find your GPO registrations. You can get NI to consolidate all your authorizations on the same email address - just contact their registration support, either through the online form or phone them. If you, however, didn't use another email address afterall, then you have to get NI to sort it out for you. The fastest way is to call them.

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    Re: GPO On Second Computer - HOW???

    Nickie--You are just the person I was hoping would see this thread, since you are the Supreme techno trouble-shooter on the board.

    And your advice--DUH @ me! That Has to be it. I was using another email address when I first got GPO, now long since defunct. I'll go see if I can straighten things out myself, using that addy to see my GPO listing, and if I can't get registered that way, I'll also follow the advice to call NI for faster service.

    Very happy to get your help-_Thanks again!--here I go off to NI with fingers crossed.

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO On Second Computer - HOW???

    UPDATE - I now have GPO on my laptop, along with all my other Garritan libraries.

    Nickie was of course right that I registered GPO originally with a different email addy. Question was--which one?

    Without having to call NI support, I figured it out--went through the steps to upgrade my new installation to KP2, and now it's happily purring away on my new traveling machine.

    Thanks again to Yudit and Nickie for their help on this thread.

    Randy B.

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