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Topic: Digital pianos make the best controllers

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    Digital pianos make the best controllers

    I have just spent about 2 weeks comparing various controller keyboards and have come to the conclusion that nothing feels quite as responsive as a digital piano action.

    In addition, I have found that one area where digital pianos appear to beat GigaSamples is in evenness of tone. Despite the drawbacks of a RAM-based sample playback system, top class digital pianos (such as the CLP990) can provide an overall more rounded instrument straight out of the box.

    My personal piano solution will soon comprise a new Yamaha CLP995 (released in a couple of months I believe) triggering both the Bardstown Imperial Grand and Post Steinway (depending on the piece).

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    Re: Digital pianos make the best controllers

    Sounds interesting... Did you try the StudioLogic Controller? How did it compare to the Yamaha? I would miss all the controllers using a Digital Piano as a controller. Nice case on that Yamaha but you\'re paying for furniture as well as sounds that can\'t be updated. What was your favourite Midi Controller? I\'ve got a Roland A-90 and I am not happy with it at all although it\'s dependable. Is the Kurzweil K2500 the only one that has 8 Data sliders? I think the Oberheim is now out of production too bad it looked good. Does the Yamaha have Velccity Curves?

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    Re: Digital pianos make the best controllers

    Both the Oberheim (still in production) and the StudioLogic have great flexibility regarding sliders, curves and the like. For this reason, they are ideal for the GigaStudio user who is either composing or utilising sounds other than the piano.

    I myself am only interested in piano - period. Whilst most controllers over £500 can produce a full midi velocity range (0-127), only the Yamaha had the realistic action.

    I keep reading comments about keyboards like the P80 having a \'really heavy action\'. Personally, I think they\'re all far too lightweight which doesn\'t compare to a real piano. The new Yamaha CLP 990 action is sublime in this respect. After intitial familiarisation, you really feel like there\'s something to lean into.

    To answer your question, most digital pianos have curves, but these only affect the internal sounds, and not the MIDI output.


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    Re: Digital pianos make the best controllers

    Can you elaborate on your statement that digital piano velocity curves don\'t affect MIDI outputs? I have a Roland KR piano and have made good use of its velocity curve slider. I\'m about to hook a GigaStudio to the piano\'s MIDI output. Does this mean I won\'t be able to alter the velocity response? Is there any way around this?
    thanks - jim

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    Re: Digital pianos make the best controllers

    thanks sjduck for your reply....

    It sounds like I\'ll need 2 Midi Controllers. 1 for Piano and another for Orchestra etc. I will check out the Yamaha Digital piano.If I wanted the Ultimate Midi Piano i would go for the C7 Diskclavier.If anyone knows where to get an Oberheim in the US please provide a link. I cannot see it anywhere......thanks.

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    Re: Digital pianos make the best controllers

    Hi Jim

    As far as I am aware, the midi curve setting found on some controllers will only affect the internal sound creation. However, there are many others, such as the Oberheim and StudioLogic that most definately do affect the MIDI velocities. Even if you end up with a controller whose curves cannot affect its MIDI output, you can precicely taylor the velocity response in Giga to match both your style and the keyboards output.

    Hope this helps.

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