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Topic: Solo Grand VSTi Suggestion

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    Solo Grand VSTi Suggestion

    I have been waiting for a certain Piano for a long time, and it's release has been disappointing so far. Now I can't wait any longer and need a high quality sounding Grand that can be used in a solo enviroment.

    I have several Gigastudio Libraries that are of good quality, but won't be convincing as a solo instrument. They are excellent choices for Pop, Blues, Rock, and Jazz when used in an ensemble, but I will pulling doubles doing 2 sets of solo performing before the evening show starts. Since this will be mostly classical, I need a piano that sounds realistic and has a great dynamic response.

    Demo's rarely impress me, so hopefully someone here uses their VSTi Piano choice live, or through mid field monitors, not headphones, and can make a suggestion. This Piano will only be used as a solo choice, so it's O.K. if it is a resource hog. I use a 4 x HDD Raid Array that runs a dual RAID 1 for redundancy, and use Raptor 10K's for a little extra polyphony. The CPU is the new E8600 / P35 combo. So it's pretty fast. Since my soundcards are all Scope DSP Pro's, all effects including the external hardware AES/EBU reverbs require zero help from the CPU.

    Ivory, and EW have piqued my interest. I was hoping that they have a pedal down recording, as I really have become spoiled from Giga's IR's. I use their pedal down instance and a Lexicon PCM91 as the spacial treatments.

    I will use my MC3000 as a controller since I can apply several custom programmable velocity curves and use a footswitch to chain them live when going from a pp,to mf, to ff dynamically. So the sound is what's important at this time.

    Hopefully I have explained things in a way that conveys my temporary needs. All of my reading here has so far been very helpful, and I appreciate the other posts where members have replied on their experience and use of different instruments.

    Thanks In Advance,


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    Re: Solo Grand VSTi Suggestion

    You probably have it already but, my favourite is "Seven Seas Grand" or 7cg from Sampletekk. The new EWQLP pianos sound promising although I haven't actually played them yet.

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    Re: Solo Grand VSTi Suggestion

    Thanks Pete,

    I don't have Siete Mares. I do have Black Grand which has my favorite lower octaves of a Piano Library, and while the higher octaves are also very good, the same old mid range problems occur.

    I am not sure why I and many others always have troubles in this area. I even used DEF Filtering, and hardware EQ, etc., and while I can deal w/ the uneveness in an ensemble gig, solo gigs are much more revealing.

    Right now I am trying to escape the Giga world as I have VSL, SISS Mini, and several high end libraries for Giga. My eSATA and DSP racks are quite powerful, but I won't be buying anymore Giga content, no sense feeding a dead horse.

    Too bad these generic music stores can't provide a VST demo set-up. I suppose the profits are so meger they see no need. But on hands comparisons are needed. My ears know what I need but mp3's are the only option at this point. In this high tech world we dwell in, I find this to be pathetic, but have no choice. Here in Las Vegas there's a Bosendorfer dealership, he actually does quite well, Prince and several others have purchased from him, and you must make an appointment. For that kind of money you need a hands on demo !

    From the lame sounding demos I am listening to, I tend to agree that as a VSTi I think I will be getting the Steinway from the good old reliable folks at East West. I have purchased many working products there, even back in the late '90's when Nick Phoenix just released QL Brass for Giga.

    I have high hopes for the Garritan Steinway, and it's update that is suppose to have the advertised performance features that somehow were overlooked, and know GG to be a Top Shelf developer, but I need a working instrument and have learned to not buy products that do not function as advertised, it makes me wonder what else might have been overlooked. I can always purchase it once it works later. The idea of being able to use Programmable V-Curves and having ALL 3 Pedals functioning, is something I have wanted for years. Not many performers seem to care about una corde/ sostenuto work, but as a soloist doing Barrel House, Ragtime, Jazz, and even some of Debussey's compositions, it is required. Besides, I bought my 3 way pedal collections way back when, and years later they still can't be used? It shows you that virtual software performnace software has a long way to go.

    For now it's East West's Steiny, as it has a very full sound, for being an mp3. At least I can say that many here like it's sound too.

    I'll be using my Oberheim's Programmable Velocity Tables to make it playable on that particular controller, but look forward to being able to use my Crappy, but very useful KS88's w/ their lame " weighted " action, and the software app that has programmable curves.

    If our group didn't sound so good, I'd quit and just do these solo gigs as they pay well, and don't require my entire set up. But the Oberheim MC3000 w/ a case is a drag hauling around, but is the best choice for dynamic performance at this time.

    Thanks, I'll report back in a couple of days, as this instrument must be up and ready for the gig immediately.

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    Re: Solo Grand VSTi Suggestion

    I bought Black Grand as well but to my ears, 7cg is vastly superior.

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    Re: Solo Grand VSTi Suggestion

    Just got an email from Per Larson today about doing conversions to Kontackt for for me. I'll just stick with GVI, but the 7cg is so cheap I will buy it. He's a very considerate developer.

    EWQLP's is the one for me as they also gave me a sore dick deal ( Can't Be Beat ) w/ 30% off w/ some back to school promotion or something.

    Shee-iittt, I quit school in third grade because they had recess....................and I don't play.

    Ankyu.........................Please,...stay seated.

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    Re: Solo Grand VSTi Suggestion

    Be aware that the educational discount does come with a limitation that may be significant:

    "Education versions cannot be used for any commercial purpose. A commercial purpose is any revenue-generating activity beyond the usual and customary activities educational institutions engage in."

    Melodialworks Music
    Music for Relaxation and Inspiration

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    Re: Solo Grand VSTi Suggestion

    Well just in case I will verify that I will be making money with it. It was their offer though, I recieved an email that maybe had it in fine print.

    No Problemo, as it will pay for itself after 3 nights.

    BTW, I appreciate your honesty and experience here, and in other threads where you speak from experience, and definately are unbiased.

    Thanks Again Brotha' Man LouGheed.

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