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Topic: Pink Bagatelle

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    Pink Bagatelle

    Well, I don't know what a Pink Bagatelle is, but I think this might be one.

    Pink Bagatelle

    GPO piano with Sonar and Fatar.


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    Re: Pink Bagatelle

    This is gorgeous, Richard. It is definitely «pink». My wife agrees, and she is the world's foremost expert on the colour pink.....
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
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    Re: Pink Bagatelle

    Tons of motion, creative progressions, little twists and turns but always on time; visually "poke-a-dotted" music. Reminds me of the painting technique where you rub the bristles of the bush with your thumb and spray dots, in this case pink, on the canvas.


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    Re: Pink Bagatelle

    A pink bagatelle? Why, that's first cousin to a
    bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jelly,
    Richard. It says just that, in fact, right here on
    page 47 of my trusty copy of Elements of Form.
    Er, wait, I seem to have grabbed a menu from my
    favorite Jewish deli by mistake...

    Fascinating piece (though I hear it as more lavender
    -- seriously). As usual, adjectives desert me with
    your material... I love the stuff, but I'm frequently
    unable to say just why!

    My best,

    David Sosnowski

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