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Topic: GST3 causes system to spontaneously reboot

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    GST3 causes system to spontaneously reboot

    Hi All,

    I built this system when GST3 was new. It's an Athlon 2100+ processor with 1.5 GB of RAM and a RME DIGI 96 series soundcard. GST has run fine on this system, but I updated it to the last version of GST3 (Orchestra 3.04) and now it'll spontaneously reboot when just loading libraries. Anything even slightly taxing causes the system to reboot. This system is stable when not running GST3. I haven't run the diagnostics (I never found them particularly useful, but will if suggested). What can cause a Windoze system to spontaneously reboot? Should I go back to an earlier version of GST3? I could reinstall it, but then I'd probably have to reauthorize the software (not difficult but a PITA). I have Kompakt on the same system (EWQLSO Gold), but until recently they seemed to coexist OK. I know GST3 is now orphan software and I'd love to move to Kontakt, but that's not really an option at the moment.

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    Re: GST3 causes system to spontaneously reboot

    Just in case its a problem with your ram which I have got check it out with this:


    It takes a long time but will show up a problem in aging gear
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    Re: GST3 causes system to spontaneously reboot

    Hi Derek,

    I ran the mem test and every time the system rebooted quite quickly. So I opened the box and pulled a stick of memory and ran it again. An hour later it was still running the test. I suspect you nailed it. Unfortunately, I'm leaving to travel for the long weekend and won't be able to actually attempt any tracking for a week. But I wanted to express my gratitude for your guidance. I'm guessing you nailed it. If it turns out otherwise I'll be back, but for now I believe I have reason to smile. Thanks.

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