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Topic: East Metro Rollin' (jabb)

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    East Metro Rollin' (jabb)

    Here's a quickie project I've been working on. I make my own promo movies for add-ons I make for Microsoft's Train Simulator. Normally I use royalty free music but this time I wanted to make my own music track. This is just background music - so it's nothing fancy. If you hear the train whistle blowin' then I've done my job well. (no, there's no train whistle in the song).


    JABB instruments are: Drums, Bass, Flugel horn, Tenor Sax #2. Piano is from First Call Horns. (Why is there a piano on a Horn dvd?)

    I may tweak this some more before I finalize it.

    Rich Garber
    Living Waters Jazz

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    Re: East Metro Rollin' (jabb)

    Hey, I'm definitely feeling something ... relaxed, traveling, seeing the sights!
    Nice "city skyline melodies"! Wonderful rendering as well.

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: East Metro Rollin' (jabb)

    Nice job on this, Rich. I didn't know Microsoft made
    a train simulator... my heavens, I hope they don't
    start making the real thing. I'd live in fear of every
    railroad crossing... lol!



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    Re: East Metro Rollin' (jabb)

    Thanks Michael and David! I didn't tweak the music I should've but if you want to see (i.e. video) of the finished movie, here it is. Microsoft's Train Simulator was originally released in mid 2001 sold well over a million copies worldwide. The online community size is substantial and is still fairly well intact considering there hasn't been any updates or new releases by MS since. Next year they plan on releasing a new version which the previews look great.

    BTW, this isn't my site, a fellow developer hosts all my movies. The previous ones used royalty free music this time I thought I try my own. It's the first movie you'll come to.



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    Re: East Metro Rollin' (jabb)

    Nice, very nice music... enjoying this on a very sunny sunday afternoon.
    Why should it always be "fancy"?


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    Re: East Metro Rollin' (jabb)

    Very nice to listen to.
    I can hear those whistling trains
    A nice render also.

    Thanks for posting this

    Trumpet, cornet, flugel player. Composer and student.

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    Re: East Metro Rollin' (jabb)

    Thanks guys. Been tweaking the realism a bit and replaced the flugel with JABB trumpet 1.


    Rich Garber

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    Re: East Metro Rollin' (jabb)

    Hi Rich,

    Nice smooth theme. If I may make one suggestion since you're still tweaking it, there are points where the groove sounds forced and out of time, especially within the drum set. It's either in need of a little quantization or some smoothing out of the velocity levels (ride in particular).

    Great solos.


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    Re: East Metro Rollin' (jabb)

    Very appropriate and uplifting. The kind of music that just makes you smile. I hope you are going to keep tinkering with this piece...with that in mind, a few wee suggestions if I may;

    There are a few spots where the band doesn't seem to be in the groove, as noted. My own sense of time is so bad I can't pinpoint it any closer, though.

    Also, and especially referencing say Big Band arranging style, I'd like to see changes in tonal color and maybe even a key change. For instance, around 0:56, with the train leaving Clarksville, I'd love to hear a shift to a smoother, woodwind-heavy texture for a bar or two.

    A little "air" in places might clear up some of the spots where the drums are doing a fill and the horns are clashing with them. Just step back, let the players breath, and let the rhythm section have the floor.

    (Actually, thinking more on this, I think the spots where I'm not following the horns, is because their first note should be treated more as a grace note, with the next note being on the beat proper. It's located there timing-wise, but the dynamics aren't there to give that first note the grace-note feel).

    And here I've been all negative. I love the feel of this, and it works so well, and is just plain fun to listen to. I just want to bring out even more of what it has to offer.

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    Re: East Metro Rollin' (jabb)

    Hi Rich,

    Please tell me! How do I find your music?


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