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Topic: Outputs

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    New to this forum. New to Kontact 2.

    I just got my Tracktion 3, which came with a stripped down version of GPO. Here's my problem:

    I have eight instruments all together in a multi and I don't know how to use 3rd party filters with these instruments. I have some of these filters on the tracks to which the instruments are assigned, but the sample player seems to apply a filter on one track with instruments on completely different tracks. How do isolate a filter to a particular instrument? The manual is little help, but I have the suspicion that the problem is that I can't figure out how to set up the outputs section.

    Is it even possible to use GPO multis with 3rd party filters? Is this even the right forum to be asking this question?

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    Re: Outputs

    Hello Art,

    Welcome to the Garritan forum on Northernsounds. You're on the right track (and the right forum). The Kontakt Player 2 sample engine defaults to a pair of stereo outputs, merging the audio streams of all instruments in the multi, however the engine does support 32 mono outputs (16 stereo).

    You can reconfigure KP2's outputs by going to the Outputs tab in the KP2 interface. Once you bring up the fader section you'll see how to add and remove audio channels. Once you've created the number of channels you'll want and set them as stereo or mono, click Set as Default, save your project, and restart Tracktion. On your track inputs you should now have more than just KP2 St. Out[1] as an option, and in the KP2 interface you should be able to assign instruments to different outputs. You know have more output channels, and can assign third-party effects to the outgoing audio streams from KP2.

    The thread below might be of some use too:


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    Re: Outputs

    Reegs, thank you for your response. It worked fine as far as it went, but now I'm stuck at a different point.

    First, you told me to choose whether the new channel would be mono or stereo. Is that the "stereo modeller" option in the pop-up that you get when you click on the little triangle under the channel name? (I figured it was because the configuration button allocates two channels to the output).

    Now, how do I hook it up to a filter? I put one in-line with two of the outputs shown in Tracktion's graphic of the VST rack. Shouldn't the filter appear as an option when you click on little triangle>filters?

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    Re: Outputs

    Apparently, in trying to follow your advise, I've managed to make all of my GPO instruments mono. I removed that stereo simulator thing and they're all back to stereo. (I truly am a lost lamb in the wilderness, here).

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    Re: Outputs

    Hi Art,

    You don't want to use the stereo simulator to work your channels. That dropdown you found is Kontakt Player's built-in effect rack. Instead, click "Add Channel." It'll give you a blurb about reopening the instance. Then click the "Config" button and you'll get a screen where you can add or subtract Kontakt's outputs from that channel. (Two outputs gives you stereo, one gives you mono). You can also name the channels. The names are currently assigned from the existing output configuration, and you can use some of the "unassigned" outputs, or delete the surround sound channel and use its outputs. Click Make Default if you have a number of outputs you're happy with and want Kontakt Player to maintain on new instances.* Once you have your new channels set up, you can select them for individual instruments from the instruments' dropdowns.

    Once everything is configured to go through the proper routings, you should be able to isolate specific KP2 outputs in Tracktion and apply your effects to those tracks.

    *Kontakt Player (and Kontakt) installs 3 VST versions: an 8-out, a 16-out, and a 32-out (regular). Each varies in their maximum total outputs and each can maintain its own default output configuration.

    Hope this helps,


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