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Topic: Repedalling issue (with release samples), and sustain issue in general

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    Repedalling issue (with release samples), and sustain issue in general


    I've been using Steinway Standard on my laptop (still can't run it on my desktop though, I'm mailing with Plogue about this) for a month now. I have observed two issues.

    One is connected with repedalling. I'm using a digital piano that sends full range 0-127 MIDI values for sustain pedal, because it supports half-pedalling. When playing Steinway with release samples turned on (default Classic preset in my case), and "pumping" on the sustain pedal, the result is crazy. I mean, when I play a chord with sustain pedal on, and then I raise my foot from the pedal, the sound goes silent. But when I quickly depress the pedal again, I hear a very strange sound wobbling. It goes loud immediately, and then quiets again.

    Here are MIDI file I used and a rendering from Steinway offline render as a proof:


    Second issue I have is with sustain pedal in general. When I strike a fast chord, and then depress the sustain pedal with very little delay between these two actions, notes are not sustained. I must be extremely cautious with Garritan to wait a while after playing a chord, to actually sustain it. I never had this problem with my digital, nor with any acoustic piano. Here is an excerpt from the very begining of Rachmaninoff 2nd Piano Concerto. At exactly 0:03 there are two big chords - one with left hand, and one with right hand. The one with left hand drops immediately after being played, even though the sustain pedal was depressed after the chord.

    Again, MIDI file and mp3 rendering (now with No Rel version of samples)


    I would be very happy if anyone could comment on these issues and/or check them with attached MIDI files on their own Steinway copies. I wonder whether it's something with me, or the pedal programming could be improved.

    Thanks and best wishes to all,

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    Re: Repedalling issue (with release samples), and sustain issue in general

    Hi Mateusz,
    The first issue should be fixed (completely gone I expect) in the first update. It's one of the last things I'm working on right now. The second issue would be good to improve too but since we need to get the update out, I'll be looking at this after the first update. Your second scenario is a bit tricky to do absolutely correctly - I definitely know what you are talking about and I'll be looking at ways we can support it. Best wishes

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    Re: Repedalling issue (with release samples), and sustain issue in general

    Thanks! Your immediate answer is very heart warming and encouraging. As for the second issue - maybe it's just my pedalling, but while playing live using Garritan I quite often hear notes, which I wanted to sustain but it didn't come out. It never happened to me with other libraries, so I guess the trick must be surprisingly simple, but has to be found


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    Re: Repedalling issue (with release samples), and sustain issue in general

    I find this link fascinating as it appears to be the opposite of the issue I am having (see my No Staccato? thread). I can't stop notes from sounding fast enough. Its as though the pedal is stuck a the 'half pedaling' position. Makes me think these two issues are connected. Is there some way to control release time that I am missing? Maybe I'm wrong, but this sounds like the other side of my coin, so to speak.

    Mac Pro 2X2.8 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xenon, 10Gb 800 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM, OS10.6.4, Finale 2011, Digital Performer 7.1, Altiverb 6, Yamaha S90, Built-in audio, GPO, JABB, Garritan Authorized Steinway (Pro), Reason 3, M-Audio Ozone, Giovani, Symphonic Choirs, Kontakt 2, Vienna Symphonic Library. Website:http://www.paulread.ca

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    Re: Repedalling issue (with release samples), and sustain issue in general

    If you re-draw the sustain-pedal-down-data so that the curves are less steep (= pressing the pedal much slower than is natural), the unwanted swisch-sounds disappear. Very time consuming but it is a work-around, waiting for the update…

    But I have more problems with the sustain: It seems Auth. Steinway can't handle continuous pedal data?? Not only do I have re-draw all data as stated above, I also have to make it hit the bottom line (value zero), otherwise: no sustain. It's either totally on or totally off. Too bad.

    Plus: In Pro Tools LE I get NO sustain resonance at all, no matter what level is set. The other "effects" work fine, but not this. Tried re-installing. Really bad.

    In standalone mode, sustain resonance works, but not in RTAS-mode. Thank God there's is a MIDI-port to use from PTLE to the standalone version.

    System: iMac Intel Duo 2.4 GHz, 4 GB RAM, OSX 10.5.5, Pro Tools LE 7.4.2, Mbox Mini, Steinway Standard - Under Lid (havn't bothered to install the classical perspective yet)

    BTW: in spite of all the bugs, Auth Steinway is by far the best sounding virtual piano on the market. just please fix these bugs…

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