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Topic: Trying out The Steinway - 25 pieces

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    Trying out The Steinway - 25 pieces

    Classic perspective
    Sustain resonance 80
    Symphatic resonance 30
    Mechanic noise 20
    Velocurve one click brighter than normal

    25 Piccolezzas (Kleinigheidjes in Dutch)

    By the way: what is the function of CC#7 together with velocity setting?


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    Post Re: Trying out The Steinway - 25 pieces

    Hi Raymond,

    I Have listened to your wonderful 25 Kleinigheidjes and given them titles based on my impressions!

    Imagined piano diary of the composer Mr. Raymond around 1911.
    (French and English, mixed.)

    1. Mélancolie.
    2. Les Belles femmes de Paris.
    3. Impressionist.
    4. Jeux d´eau.
    5. Visiting Norway.
    6. Composing for the ballet class again.
    7. "Caprice De Hague."
    8. I will always remain a Romantic pianist!
    9. I have just returned from New York. heard something interesting there! They call it "Blue tone."
    10. Finger keyboard dance.
    11. Poetic modulations.
    12. Virtuoso.
    13. Octavia.
    14. Intricato.
    15. Musorgsky feel.
    16. Ballet class with Petrusjka.
    17. Independence Day, 1776.
    18. Drinking Expresso at the Champs-Élysées 1911.
    19. Sturm und Drang, short.
    20. Bach, tired after work.
    21. Chopin and Liszt meet at Place de la Bastille.
    22. Schönberg and Satie discuss Igor's "Le Sacre" at Avenue de Wagram.
    23. The first movie with sound.
    24. Classic flashback.
    25. Why always play the conventional chords!

    by Fred

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    Re: Trying out The Steinway - 25 pieces

    Thank you for this. They were composed for the 25th jubilee of a friend of mine, each piece is 25 measures exactly (though I smuggled a bit with some pieces putting more motiv's in one measure).

    They had other subtitles, just reflecting her whereabouts during her working years at the local library, from childhood to present days. The score has written text, explaining this. And that Wagner-like piece is because she used to live at the Wagner Street.

    Anyway it is full of joking......


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    Re: Trying out The Steinway - 25 pieces

    What an outstanding collection of delightful
    little pieces, Raymond!


    One shining diamond after another -- you should
    definitely score these out and get them into
    print. Quite a unique collection -- all 25 measures
    -- and each superbly done, my friend. I was
    truly quite taken with them!

    With admiration,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Trying out The Steinway - 25 pieces

    Just wonderful, Raymond ! A collection of infinite charm and variety.

    Best Regards,


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    Re: Trying out The Steinway - 25 pieces

    Thank you all folks. It was big fun making those and trying to get all what there was to say in 25 measures. And my friend loved them too. In stead of a box of chocolate, I thought this was better and healthier.


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    Re: Trying out The Steinway - 25 pieces

    Forgot to mention that the score is available at my website (see below).


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    Re: Trying out The Steinway - 25 pieces


    I'm so glad I didn't miss this collection. What a fantastic idea in the first place, to have 25 pieces-- 25 measures each. I love it when someone is so creative as this and especially when it turns out so brilliantly!

    I'm sure everyone will have a favorite, because of the wide variety and scope of feeling and tonal texture on the canvas here. Mine was #13.

    Beautifully written, must publish this set!


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    Re: Trying out The Steinway - 25 pieces


    A delightful concept and all were a joy to listen to.

    Well done

    I score 25 out of 25

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: Trying out The Steinway - 25 pieces


    I finally got to listen to all of them!

    A delightful idea and delightful pieces.

    They are like miniature etudes, each with its own character and mood.

    I think that by composing for the piano you really express all the different 'Raymonds' that hide inside of you...

    My favorites are no. 2, 14 and 21.

    Thanks for posting!


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