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Topic: Grayed parts in GPO?

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    Grayed parts in GPO?

    This is probably a dumb newbie question (actually, it DEFINITELY is a dumb newbie question), but sometimes I open an instantiation of GPO K2 (in Digital Performer 5.13 on a Mac Pro quad-core w/OS 10.4.10) and some of the parts will be gray, instead of the usual gold, and where the GPO logo usually is it says "new."

    What's going on here? Is there something I should fix when this happens?



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    Re: Grayed parts in GPO?

    Hi Larry,

    Welcome to the Garritan forum on Northernsounds.

    That's not a dumb newbie question at all! What you're describing is a small wallpaper glitch present in Kontakt 2, Kontakt Player 2, and Kontakt 3, where a graphics doesn't load properly with the instruments. It's purely cosmetic and does not impact instrument functionality.

    It looks something like this, right?


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    Re: Grayed parts in GPO?

    Ayup, that's what it looks like alright. I'd rather have a graphics glitch that doesn't affect functionality than the other way around!

    Now I have a new, more serious problem that I'll put in another thread, since it is unrelated.



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