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Topic: Problems with Multi in GPO

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    Problems with Multi in GPO

    When I choose a multi in GPO only the first instrument in the list generates sound. Perhaps not surprisingly, only the "st. 1" fader in the rack shows any output. Is there something obvious I'm not doing?

    I'm using this as a plugin in Logic. At the moment I only want a stereo instance. All updates installed, etc.

    Thanks, Joe

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    Re: Problems with Multi in GPO

    Hi Joe,

    Welcome to the Garritan forum on Northernsounds.

    The multis load in so that each instrument responds to a different MIDI channel. If you are only sending MIDI information on channel 1 (as many controllers do by default), the Kontakt Player will only be able to respond to the instruments loaded that are set to this channel (right above the St.Out[1] on each instrument you'll see a "Ch" dropdown where you can adjust this). When sending midi data you only want played on one instrument, yet you want several playing different parts, this is handy.

    The single stereo out you see is the default mixing set up for Kontakt Player 2. All instrument outputs in the Player are mixed to a single pair of stereo outs. There's a second available from the drop down, as well as surround, and it is possible to configure the system to provide up to 32 mono outs.

    Hope this helps,


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