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Topic: Sustain pedal options?

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    Sustain pedal options?

    The GPO manual tells me that to play sustain instruments, I must select "Normal Sustain/Sostenuto Operation" which is located "under Options/General (under the Load Button.)" I, though, see no "Load Button." I do see a Load/Save button, there's no Options/General menu.

    Does this option, in fact, exist?



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    Re: Sustain pedal options?

    Yes it does. Are you using the updated version of Kontakt Player 2? If so you need to look at the updated manual. Pick an instrument when the main box appears you will see a button to the left above the one marekd GPO, it looks like two cogs or gear. I believe you need the "controller" setting

    At least I think thats your problem.
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    Re: Sustain pedal options?

    Yes, thank you. I'll print out the new manual.


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