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Topic: Help with free-standing Steinway

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    Help with free-standing Steinway

    Yesterday I managed to play "life" an improvisation and get that recorded with the free-standing version. The second time I tried it, no success and since then whatever I try nothing seems to work. I really like to make a "life recording" of my crippled-hand-piano-playing.......

    etLux managed to do so, please David fill in some gaps in my brain.....


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    Re: Help with free-standing Steinway

    That brain gap thing, I dunno, Raymond... I got too many
    in my own brain that need filling... rofl.

    I go kind of 'round the block on it, to beat off a latency
    problem on my system... but you shouldn't have to.

    Light up the keyboard, open the standalone. Make
    sure you've got the right input set up on the standalone,
    a perspective loaded, the usual things.

    Set a filename, etc., in the standalone recorder and hit
    the go button. Play. Hit the stop button when done.

    That's about it...

    What exactly are you running into, Raymond? Can you
    outline a little more specifically?

    If it's a communication problem, try a reboot -- its possible
    to jam up the MIDI occasionally.

    If it's just not recording -- read the manual and get used
    to that onboard recorder... it's slightly counter-intuitive
    to me, and I remember fumbling that a little at first.

    Hope that helps somewhat!

    Always my best,

    David Sosnowski

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