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Topic: Have now worked 2 full days trying to get GPO, Sib5 and KP2 to work

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    Have now worked 2 full days trying to get GPO, Sib5 and KP2 to work

    Hi, everybody ... and especially Nickie Fønshauge ....

    I begin teaching an orchestration course for the first time in my university next Tuesday and I cannot get GPO, Sib5 and KP2 to work (almost ready to roll back to Sib3 and KP1).

    Here are the symptoms:

    1.NI shows that everything is activated
    2.GPO is registered
    3.Sib5 is registered
    4.KP2 is loaded and shows Garritan Personal Orchestra KP2 in the left side column
    5.In Sib5, Devices, GPO, when I activate GPO to the left column, it appears, but, it’s sound set options do not show a GPO option
    a.options are None, General Midi, General Midi 2, Yamaha XG
    b. In the Sib5 video tutorial, KP2 is shown in the Available Devices on the left as type “Kontakt.” On my screen, KP2 appears as type “VST plugin”
    6. In Sib5 pressing M brings up the correct mixer (the one with the pastel buttons at the top), however
    a.Looking in KP2, the channel shows that Port A is not available.When I play a newly created Sib5 score with devices set, instead of a flute and piccolo, I get GPO percussion sounds!!
    7.When the Sib5 mixer (the newer one with the pastel buttons at the top) is brought up and I press the button for Garritan, it brings up the old KP overlay, not the fancier one for KP2.

    Isn't that a mess??

    Can anybody tell me what is wrong here? Nickie, your help in the forum seems to be especially well regarded ... may I hear from you?

    Thanks all.


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    Re: Have now worked 2 full days trying to get GPO, Sib5 and KP2 to work

    I don't have a specific answer, but a few a few suggestions: a) have you upgraded to 5.2? I don't know if that is part of the problem, but it can't hurt.
    b.) have you posted this in the Sibelius forum? You might get a quicker and more thorough response there. I can't figure out why GPO doesn't come up as a Soundset, but somewhere at Sib surely will. Hang in there. Sorry I can't help more...
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Have now worked 2 full days trying to get GPO, Sib5 and KP2 to work

    It sounds like you might have the old KP1 version installed as well as KP2. Do NOT activate the plugin GPO that is KP1. Activate Kontakt Player 2, THEN select the GPO soundset in the right hand column.

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    Re: Have now worked 2 full days trying to get GPO, Sib5 and KP2 to work

    Thanks to those who helped solve my mystery.

    The solution came from the following actions:

    1.Upgrade to Sibelius 5.2
    2.Point Sib5.2’s sound engine to the proper VST dll – a helpful NI tech had me check to make sure that all the VSTs were in the directory that the Sib5 sound engine was pointing to. His remark was the first time I realized that GPO had established both a VST and a VST Plugin folder in the GPO folder. The proper dlls – KontaktPlayer2.dll, KontaktPlayer2_8out.dll, and, KontaktPlayer2_16out.dll -- were in the VST Plugin Folder.

    Because Sibelius was pointed to the VST folder, it was reading the old KP1 instead of the newer KP2 and that was the principal reason that everything was failing. Once the sound engine was oriented correctly, everything worked like a charm.

    A few thoughts concerning helping those of us who are new to this sampling world.

    1.Don’t assume that we all have the physical manual – I am in an academic environment where we are working with a Sibelius 5-pack within the department. As such, I do not easily have access to a Sib5 manual (I do have the old Sib3 that was from my personal copy of the software – but that doesn’t cover KP2).
    2.There needs to be more help for beginners on the three software websites -- without any prominent warnings from Sibelius, NI, or Garritan, it was very easy to assume that the combination of the programs would work as they did in earlier versions. For instance, I didn’t know that one no longer had to specifically run GPO before running Sibelius. So, I spent a lot of time trying to get everything to fall into place from the GPO source.
    3.GPO and NI need to have some basic information available to the newbie – nothing that I found on the GPO or KP2 websites indicated that everything would be run from within Sibelius 5. There were a lot of wasted hours here because that elementary point was missing.
    3.The only real basic info on the GPO/KP2 workings is in the Sib5 manual – it was only when I decided to add reverb to the output and did a search for the word in the online manual for Sib5 that I discovered that there was a huge amount about the Sib5/KP2 interface and how it worked. That fact should be prominent in the basic information coming from Garritan, NI, Sibelius, and, in answers found in forums as well.

    Given the symbiotic relationship of GPO/NI/Sibelius 5, would it be asking too much for the requisite parts of the Sib5 manual regarding GPO/KP2 be offered on the websites of those companies? The presence of that information would have saved me days of frustration and lost productivity.

    Yes, it is easy to say that I should have had and consulted the manual. However, as I said, those of us who are working on packages in an academic environment don’t necessarily have access to the physical manual where it would be easy to leaf through it and see that there is a lot of material that would help a newbie get things going. Certainly, the “porthole” effect of a computer monitor while using the online version of the manual makes it unlikely that one might discover the keys to the kingdom regarding Sib5/KP2 and, by extension, GPO (the prime reason that this professor refuses to allow Internet citations in research papers – students no longer handle books and thus no longer can just trip across valuable things in them).

    I’ll be sending copies of this message to all three companies in hopes that they can help those of us who did not grow up in the sampling world. Not too much to ask, is it?

    Thanks for your help and your attention.


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