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Topic: Finale 2009 and GPO / JABB / Strad / Gro - Confused

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    Question Finale 2009 and GPO / JABB / Strad / Gro - Confused

    I read through the tutorial for Finale 2009 for setting up GPO and JABB and it states that two instrument text files need to be installed into the Finale 2009 / FinaleAU directory. I could download the JABB file (it came from the Garritan site) but could not download the GPO file. The MakeMusic FTP server keeps timing out. So, question #1:

    Can someone please post the gpofullinstrument.txt file if they have it?

    Next is library confusion. I've downloaded the KontaktPlayer 2 update for GPO, JABB, Strad and Gofriller. However I don't see anywhere to update the libraries. I have the following versions:

    GPO: 1.0




    I'm pretty sure GPO and JABB need to be updated, but I am being clueless on where to find the updates.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Finale 2009 and GPO / JABB / Strad / Gro - Confused

    I am much interested in this subject, since I'm going to update my Finale to 2009 within days. I've always been using GPO (full version) for playback but I have to be sure that I can still do that in Finale 2009. I mean: using the full GPO sound collection, not only those provided by Finale.
    Can anybody inform me on this? Can I work in Finale with Kontakt player 2 (instead of the ARIA player)?

    Also, has the problem of using GPO and JABB in Logic 8 been resolved?

    Thanks for replies

    Maarten van Norden

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