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Topic: Need Dan Dean Solo Brass help

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    Need Dan Dean Solo Brass help

    Hi all,

    In another thread mention was made of Jack\'s Music and last week I gave Jack a call. I was ready to order Dan Dean Solo Brass and happily gave him my credit card after discovering that he sells it for less than anyone else.

    Well it got here yesterday and I\'m thrilled. But I\'m also a bit confounded by the variety of patches. I\'d like to be able to vary both volume and attack on the same patch and get all 8 dynamic levels. Is this possible? How do those of you who use DDSB manage this library which is obviously deep and wide.


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    Re: Need Dan Dean Solo Brass help

    Could you be more specific in what you mean by \"varying\" volume and attack?

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    Re: Need Dan Dean Solo Brass help

    Sure I can be more specific. Some of the patches use the mod wheel to control attack and some use the mod wheel to control volume. All I\'m asking is can one do both?


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    Re: Need Dan Dean Solo Brass help

    The way that some of the attacks are controlled is with Layering. For volume you should use CC11

    If you\'re looking for an attack and Filter control then you could add a controlable filter to all the samples/regions, and then assign layer control to another CC.

    It all depends on the particular patches you want to \"combine\" there are different approaches to different combinations,..and even if they can be combined

    Really...I am an Idiot

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