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Topic: Hyperthreading and Kompakt instruments?

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    Hyperthreading and Kompakt instruments?

    I've just set up my PCs in a small LAN. My DAW is quite an old machine, with a hyperthreading Pentium IV processor. I was about to install RA and EWQLSC, when I found a paper insert in both manuals, saying that hyperthreading should be disabled for best performance.

    I was aware of GS and hyperthreading issues, but so far I've never come across a problem with NI stuff - Gary's instruments don't come with any such warning, and the full blown versions of Kompakt, Kontakt and Intakt are fine. Does anyone know why this is an issue?

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    Re: Hyperthreading and Kompakt instruments?

    I doubt it really is an issue. I ran KP1, KP2 and K2 fine on my old P4 with HT enabled. And as far as I know the Kompakt Player is built on the Kontakt 1 engine, same as is KP1. It certainly is built on the same engine as the full blown Kompakt.

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    Re: Hyperthreading and Kompakt instruments?

    Well, the note says "For best performance". It doesn't say it's a "problem". There's a difference. For applications that are not designed for hyperthreading, there is a performance hit when it's enabled. Ask any gamer.

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    Re: Hyperthreading and Kompakt instruments?

    No i never experienced any issues on XP in that regard, i think you can just leave `em on and forget about it.

    ....but Kontakt(1+2) or KOmpakt on Vista 64 is a whole different story,.,..should be avoided like grim death.

    But the hyperthreading thing...i quite honestly never saw any difference on any machine, wheter it was on , off or left right and center.

    Oh...But i would never ask a gamer about anything else then the pizza menu or tactical ideas for counterstrike...they just cant be trusted with hi-tech issues that does not involve a gamepad lol.

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