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Topic: 'A Dog Dreams' | jazz ballad

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    'A Dog Dreams' | jazz ballad

    I'm here again, yet this time to present you something a little bit different. It's a jazzy ballad I came up with some time ago.. the only thing about it is that the vocal part hasn't been recorded.. I've had a couple of tries myself, but either I cannot sing properly or I don't know how to edit it.. it never sounds 'good enough' for me when I sing it. However, this version has got the melody that's supposed to be sung, played here by the flute. You can download the song itself here: http://www.box.net/shared/8mfez22utk
    It uses several instruments from GPO, like the strings and the piano, and some from JABB (guitar, percussion, bass).
    And the lyrics (written also by me), I hope you'll realize how the syllables and words match with the melody you'll hear and you could, perhaps, sing along..

    A Dog Dreams

    high up in the courts of dreams today
    a little dog waits, in the sun
    you'd think he will stay
    yet he stands up to run

    and see the whole world with his own eyes
    that never knew fear for the unknown
    he looks into the skies
    and knows what will be his own

    I will find the way ahead
    and lead the trace for you
    wherever you'll tread


    how long will it be? the day is done..
    those times we had, I'll remake
    the morning has come
    'tis time now to wake


    Have fun!
    'Music is like this pure thing that exists for its own sake, just to make something perfect..' ~ Ephram Brown

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    Re: 'A Dog Dreams' | jazz ballad


    Very well done!

    I do get the sense of a "small dog" with "big dreams"; innocent yet profound; a message, in my mind, clearly displayed quite elegantly in your music and the accompanying melody lines. Wonderful!

    The only negative for me was the instruments, especially the piano, guitar, and vocals (flute), seem to stay in the same register and in the forefront for most of the song. I would suggest having a separate section - mix it up a bit. Maybe even add some vocal harmonies?.

    BUT, that's just me and in no way diminishes my respect and complete enjoyment of your work. Excellent writing!

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: 'A Dog Dreams' | jazz ballad

    I had Harry (my dog) listen along... he's quite astute on
    good music, really, and I respect his opinion a great deal.

    In this case, we both concur: Absolutely lovely work,

    As for the vocals, I'd enjoy hearing them, too, of course;
    but this stands wonderfully well as is, as a flute piece.

    Well done!

    My best,

    David Sosnowski

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