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Topic: Pepperoni with The Authorized Steinway

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    Pepperoni with The Authorized Steinway



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    Re: Pepperoni with The Authorized Steinway

    Now those are some interesting and colorful opening chords!

    Can you explain the Pepperoni association? Cool title.

    Nice second section; good contrast, higher register, more playful; a sense of urgency.

    Are you repeating those opening chords in different ways?

    Great piano work Raymond! I enjoyed the sectional quality; very creative and probably a very difficult piece to play live - a real challenge!



    PS, the recording seemed to cut off during another section - is there more?
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    Re: Pepperoni with The Authorized Steinway

    Total amount: 15 pieces. Press that blue speaker symbol and you get every piece. Or if you wish start at the beginning and let it play along. I just checked and it worked with me.

    No, I am not repeating the opening chords, until the last piece (which is a shorter version of the first, as a "closing" piece).
    It is just a bunch of random pieces, compiled together into a variety of spicy, hot, sweet, sour, peppered, melancolic (spelling?) dishes.

    No, I am not going for a Suite of Tomatoes!!

    Do you have the Authorized Steinway? And if so did you notice some strange timbre differences at certain velocity levels?


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    Re: Pepperoni with The Authorized Steinway

    A most interesting, and in many ways challenging,
    collection, Raymond.

    Much enjoyed the listen. As you may know, I'm
    quite a lover of small "preludes" like this -- little
    self-contained pieces that stick to one thought,
    say what they have to say, and stop.

    Some real gems in here! #6, #12 particularly caught
    my ear.

    My best,

    David Sosnowski

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