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Topic: Can RMX "overload"?

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    Question Can RMX "overload"?

    RMX is really slow to open up on my system , probably around 2-3 minutes to instance and have the GUI open. If I have a "busy" song already with a lot of VIs open/samples in RAM, opening RMX can sometimes provoke a crash.

    My default Multi is an empty one, but I see it already needs 124MB memory!

    I have 12 Exp Libraries and over 200 user libraries in RMX -that's about 120GB material (darn, where was that great loop?!?!).

    This is on a Quad Desktop G5 under OS 10.4.11 with 6.5 BG RAM, using Stylus 1.5.1c in Logic 8.02.

    RMX is a great tool but the slowness/flakiness on my system is a drag. I often prefer to make my own exs24 instruments from loops if i have them as aif/wav. Of course then any tempo adjustment has to be done by pitch, but EXS24 is super fast to load and super stable.

    I've written to Spectrasonics support, but any feedback from RMX users would be welcome!



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    Re: Can RMX "overload"?

    somethings amiss- I'm on the same system but Digital Perf.5 and Stylus purrs.

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    Re: Can RMX "overload"?

    Hi Nigel,

    I can't help much but can sympathise. I also have a Quad G5, Logic 8 and 6.5GB RAM and Stylus does give me occasional problems too.

    I was working on a track today and had two instances running but with lots of other stuff going on too, and it got to the stage where everytime I opened the second instance of Stylus it crashed Logic. I'm sure it's just a memory issue and of course we still have to work within the limitations of the Mac OS/Logic at present. My only solution when it gets like that is to render each instance as audio and save the Multi's in case I need them again. It's unfortunate and slows the workflow but I don't see any other way at the mo.

    I emailed Spectrasonics several months ago as, on one occasion, I had only loaded two patches into one instance of Stylus (with nothing else in the arrangement) and it reported Memory full and kept crashing the DAW. They had no answer for it and sure enough the problem went away on the next project - that was a strange one.

    I think we're may just be stuck with this until we are freed from Logic's RAM limitations but I too would be interested to hear other users comments on this.

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    Re: Can RMX "overload"?

    Again. on Digital Performer NEVER this issue so it would logically seem that it's not Stylus but possibly Logic and something weird in the MAC system.

    here's something to consider- for quite some time I had some issues with sluggish softwware(not RMX) weird system anomolies and just plain weirdness that escalated int full blown kernel panics every 10 minutes.

    It turned out to be defective ram. I took out the offending stick (actually the pair as recommended by apple) and all was fine. Try using the hardware test on the startupdisk to check ram.

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