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Topic: Disappointing soundtracks

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    Disappointing soundtracks

    I bought the soundtrack from Clone Wars this week. My thoughts were that it's not going to be John Williams, but it's still got to be great - after all, it's Star Wars. Boy was I in for a shock. The guy who wrote it seems to believe that you can't ever have enough 'exciting' Taiko rhythms - he does them to the point where they lose all impact. Even the main theme is placed over a monotonous Taiko rhythm - it sounds like the very worst 'Hooked on Classics' albums, when the London Phil used to play melodies from Mozart over generic drum loops.

    To make up for my disappointment I went and bought the new Mummy Soundtrack, thinking things couldn't get any worse. Again I was wrong.

    In future I'm going to read reviews before I buy.

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    Re: Disappointing soundtracks

    In my experience, I usually buy soundtracks after I've seen the movie and heard the music.

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    Re: Disappointing soundtracks

    The one and only soundtrack I ever bought was the music from the movie: The Ninth Gate, composed by Kilar. Remarkable music. And further more I wished I could buy the original soundtrack of the Porgy and Bess, version around the sixties/seventies.

    For the rest, I make my own soundtracks, my own movie. Thus it can never be disappointing


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    Re: Disappointing soundtracks

    My favorite soundtrack albums (excluding musicals):

    Doctor Zhivago (Maurice Jarre)
    Lion In Winter (John Barry)

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    Re: Disappointing soundtracks

    We went to see "Bottle Shock" last week. Great movie, but the soundtrack disappointed me. Sounded like someone trying to sound like Thomas Newman and failing.

    Speaking of Thomas Newman, I thought his soundtrack to "Wall-E" was great.
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: Disappointing soundtracks

    Quote Originally Posted by danpowers View Post
    Speaking of Thomas Newman, I thought his soundtrack to "Wall-E" was great.
    Likewise - I loved it. In fact that's second on my shopping list, right behind Mirrormask.

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    Re: Disappointing soundtracks

    I'm always a little amazed when any soundtrack album is enjoyable on its own, divorced from the film, as most music for the cinema is typically written solely to support the film and little else. And if one can't re-imagine the film while listening (having never seen the film in the first place), enjoyability may well be all the more elusive.

    In any event, when can we expect the much anticipated GPTD (Garritan Personal Taiko Drums) to be released?

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    Re: Disappointing soundtracks

    This last year i have been watching a few bunch of Asian movies, and really i liked them, and even their music. I remember i liked the simply beauty music from The way to home and the really very nice from Les choristes
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Disappointing soundtracks

    Any overuse of a particular instrument or style can get annoying. Even in the filming itself. For example, that "handheld" use of the camera got old in the 90s and they still use it! I was wanting to really enjoy the movie John Adams, but the entire series was ruined by filming it like an episode of 24.

    One of my favorite movies is God's and Generals. But it too was ruined by "over-orchestrating". That is, for every mood that you were to feel, there was music to make sure you felt it--very annoying. There is something in the viewer that begins to detect that something is bothering him. If you don't know what it is, you leave the movie feeling irked. If you DO figure out what it is, it grates on you the entire rest of the film.

    This is why I do not like mini-series that use multiple directors without a clear vision of the filming. The series From Earth to the Moon was good, but the style changed too often from segment to segment. This was the only negative to Band of Brothers as well.

    The biggest problem with todays digital age is "the difficult" has now become "the incredibly easy". As a result, many effects and orchestrations are overdone--there seems to be no simplicity anymore. Example: Star Wars began as a simple story with few effects. It eventually evolved into a complex story with way too many effects.

    My new caveat for this century is now, "Just because you can--doesn't mean you should."

    I think if I were to pick a "perfect soundtrack" that melds perfectly with movie and music, it would be Raiders of the Lost Ark. I have many soundtracks in my library that are great to listen to, but this one stands out as almost perfection.
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