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Topic: Stylus RMX multi\volume reseting to 0dB

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    Stylus RMX multi\volume reseting to 0dB

    Im using Cubase V4.1.2 on a macbook pro running leopard. When using Stylus RMX(V 1.6.0)i've noticed on my current project that when i reload a song the levels in the Multi section have reset to 0dB, but only for parts where i've decreased the level, on one of the parts where the level was increased from 0dB this remains as i left it. I had saved the multi prior to closing the project so it wasn't a problem this time but may be in the future if the multi is not saved. Has any else had this problem? Any solutions?


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    Re: Stylus RMX multi\volume reseting to 0dB

    Ola...Yeah...this used to be an issue in the early days of RMX...but has been resolved...I remember.

    Check the Spectrasonics support area on their website...the solution is in there somewhere. I think it had to do with your default template not loading right.

    Go check it out!

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    Re: Stylus RMX multi\volume reseting to 0dB

    Cool, i'll check it out, although i've been using RMX for a long time now and this is first time i've noticed this.

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    Re: Stylus RMX multi\volume reseting to 0dB

    ...is there some sort of Sysex Message in your RMX tracks?

    Last week it happened, that out of the blue, one of my synth sounds suddenly had an unexpected long release time. I checked in the CC editor and there it appeared that there was some sysex message that should not have been there.

    Check that out as well...

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    Re: Stylus RMX multi\volume reseting to 0dB

    Have you recorded the change as automation within Cubase. If you have (even by mistake) it the original setting will appear on the automation track until you tell it not to read the automation (altho this depends on where in the files your cursor was when you made the change). This can be a real pain, for ex if automation on a track is set to read, and you make a change in a setting, next time theres an event on that track, your new setting will change, its not a fault its meant to be like that, theres more than one way pf working.
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    Re: Stylus RMX multi\volume reseting to 0dB

    Solved this issue. Feel silly!. But learned something. The session this was happening in is one im doing the final mix on, i'm taking over on it from a friend. After narrowing down possible causes i looked at the MIDI mixer (something i never use) and noticed that faders where set to 100, as opposed "off" which is there default state. The reason I didn't check this earlier was that after cubase loaded i'd load the saved multi in RMX and the settings would be recalled and wouldn't. So what i've learned is the MIDI mixer must send a snapshot of its settings when the session is first loaded but from then on the MIDI mixer doesn't send out any data. Thanks for the help, its always the simplest solution!

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