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Topic: Roland D-50 samples?

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    Roland D-50 samples?

    Does anyone know if a sample library has ever been created of the Roland D-50? It seems like you can find samples of just about every synth ever made, but the D-50. I've been re-creating some songs I wrote from the late 80's and thought it would be nice to get some of those old sounds back. If I can't find a D-50 sample lib I may just think about purchasing one on E-bay and use SampleRobot to capture the samples.

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    Re: Roland D-50 samples?

    Your'e in luck, and I am in Lake Tahoe gigging, but will be back Thursday. Chimney Beach is very secluded, and beautiful. I was in no hurry to fly back.
    They are 16bit but have retained the grungy D50 LA sound well. I use them for my sample Oscillators in Solaris. They sound better in Gigastudio 4 converted to 24bit.

    pm me w/ your email address. You can come by my house, or get a free file sharing app and painfully wait for the email.

    If I were you I'd break in the vault and buy Omnisphere 1 or 2. The same sounds and partials can be found to create the old " Heaven " and " Fantasia " presets. Nobody knows Roland's HayDay better then Eric P.

    Personally I use Analog Synths and DSP synths for my recreations of D50 timbres. 32bit Integer audio paths have a better flavor, even w/ Grungy WAV.'s.

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    Re: Roland D-50 samples?

    I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that is illegal to sample the D-50 because the samples in it are copyrighted. I think this is the reason that companies, like Arturia, haven't come out with a VST version. I wish that Roland would follow Korg's lead with the M1 and Wavestation VSt's and release a D-50 soft synth. I too have toyed with the idea of buying a used D-50 just to get back those wonderful sounds.

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    Re: Roland D-50 samples?

    V-Synth has an ugrade that goes back in time to the D550 /D50 / D70 days, but is too clean. It loses that LA Grunge sound.

    I actually remade the 3 presets ( 4 partials each ) in Modular III / Flexor III, on Scope DSP cards that I liked. Soundtrax, Heaven, and Fantasia. At first I loved them, but had to emulate the dirty character through a Decimator plug so it would sit in the mix like the D50 did. One can find a D550 rack for dirt cheap actually, and they sound so refreshing still after all of these years.

    Jason Miles used the Korg Wavestation and D50 on some old EP's that sound great. Most guys would disable the effects and use hardware to clean it up, but his recordings were factory and dirty, really cool stuff.

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    Re: Roland D-50 samples?

    A lot of the D-50 sounds ended up in Atmosphere, I believe, and will no doubt be part of Omnisphere as well.
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