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Topic: EVOLVE with VSL?

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    EVOLVE with VSL?

    Hi guys,
    I see a few of you have Evolve, some have VSL (Vienna).
    But does anyone have VSl special edition AND Evolve?
    If so, how do they match, and will they effectively replace the platinum stuff from EW? I am looking to get some good epic/movie orchestra going.


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    Re: EVOLVE with VSL?

    I've been successfully using Evolve with several different libraries, including the VSL stuff (and the special edition). I usually put orch samples into an altiverb hall. Evolve is already pretty wet, and what I've found is that no matter which orch library you're using, having Evolve in its own space (the sounds already have a LOT of dimension to them, and very specific placement and panning in your speakers) helps to give added dimension to the whole piece. It's the equivalent of adding 1 additional layer to your music, but that layer has layers within it. I'd say that Evolve and Symphobia are probably the best purchases I've made in the last year or two.
    Mr. Kerry Muzzey

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    Re: EVOLVE with VSL?

    Hi, thanks for the reply.
    Still haven't gone ahead to get any orch libs...
    But I got Evolve, and like it quite a lot.
    It has those epic sounds that sound "just right" - bread and butter of very very high quality

    Anyway, here's a quick test I did, adding some horns and strings from Kontakt2:


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