I have been looking with no success for an EQ that will replace the one my sound card has. I have an older PC that I am messing with it has a pentium d, an 865 intel north bridge and I have an audigy 2 sound card in it I am having problems with a head set I use for gaming on it, I am not satisfied with the sound the headset produces it is really annoying the sound's eq is horrible and the software that comes with the card doesn't fix it nor does the windows xp sound options. I do have 2 newer PC's wit the fata1ity cards and it sounds much better. So anyway I am looking for a 3rd party program that can EQ my mic. Also if any software packages you know of has compressor limiting in it too that would be great.
Also with this audigy 2 I can only get 6.1 surround with the current software,is there a way to get true 7.1 out of it as I have a 7.1 system LOL this is my second edit of this so one more question real quick I have a surpeme FXII card that came with my ausu maximus extreme MB, could I use this with another asus MB that is older and would you advise it over the older audigy 2?
Thankyou for your time
John Dullebawn "leadplayer"