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Topic: Midi Problem

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    Midi Problem

    A mate of mine has come across a midi problem, but I think it's Pc problem, what do the forum guys think?
    He's using Nuendo 3.
    When he plays say, four notes on a virtual instrument the notes are not heared for about ten seconds, and then they come back in a never ending stream of random notes.
    Midi notes that are already recorded play back exacly the same as above.


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    Re: Midi Problem

    Thats not a specific MIDI problem, something going wrong somewhere. What are the four notes played on, an external keyboard? I suggest a loose plug or something like that. If its all internal theres a glitch somewhere. Doesn't Nuendo have a list edit (like Cubase) to check whats being played ?
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    Re: Midi Problem

    It's with every note, i'm sure it's a pc problem because even recorded midi drums play back with none ending random drums


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    Re: Midi Problem

    Found the cause!
    In case someone else experiences the same problem.
    My friend was inputing into an interface that was'nt assigned correctly


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