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Topic: Outbreak of Acute Limerickosis

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    Outbreak of Acute Limerickosis

    Warning! There has been an outbreak of Acute Limerickosis, a serious condition with no known cure, on Gary's Fun Stuff thread. Four forum members have already been seriously afflicted. Take precautionary measures -- if you don't, you could be forever dreaming in rhyme; it's a matter of time 'for it leaks out into other ...... uh-oh!
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    Re: Outbreak of Acute Limerickosis

    I must admit the infection has hit me
    and I blaze with a fever one fifty.
    I will try not to spout
    and let rhyming come out
    or anything clever or pithy.

    Took my pills and syrups galore
    Not certain what effects are in store
    My disease is genetic
    and I'm feeling quite frantic
    and I think I have a limerick-based sore.

    Chicken soup and bed rest is what's needed
    I wish abstinence I would have but heeded.
    But its quite too late now
    not sure when, or quite how
    this infection I obtained left untreated.

    Of all the viral strains and bacterii
    and all the diseases that I could decry
    This one is the most malevolent
    or possibly quite heaven sent?
    I guess its far better than E. coli.
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    Re: Outbreak of Acute Limerickosis

    A lim'rick I once thought I'd write.
    A challenge substantial, not slight
    But to rhyme was a chore,
    'Cause it suited me more,
    words height put in order To of

    Another I thought I would pen,
    But art eluded me once again,
    For the words that would rhyme
    Wouldn't squeeze in in time
    And I ended up with sev'nteen syllables where I intended ten.

    So I vowed off the lim'ricks forever,
    And all other poetic endeavour
    A self imposed ban,
    Since to get things to scan,
    I know that I'm not nearly clever enough.


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    Re: Outbreak of Acute Limerickosis

    For the malady
    Acute limerickosis -
    Haiku, large doses

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