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Topic: When Post Steinway D?

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    When Post Steinway D?

    I trust there will be a BIG splash here when it happens. How far off are we, anyway?

    John Grant http://www.mp3.com/stations/bach_wtc_1_part1 http://www.mp3.com/stations/wtc2

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    Re: When Post Steinway D?

    Trying to make this just a weee bit more interesting. Does anyone--particularly Michiel--know whether I will need Gigastudio to use this sample to full effect? Or will Gigasample (Full) do the job just as well?

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    Re: When Post Steinway D?

    The samples just came back from the watermarking proces. I\'ll replace them in the current gig files this week (and week-end). When finished the disks will be ftp-ed to Sony duplication in Germany who has the disk pressed within 7 days. I\'ll place an announcement when the disks are available.

    The use of GSt over GS is evident for me. I never tried working with GS after I recieved my copy of GSt in 2000! There are features like the NFX plug-ins that can really make a big difference in the overall piano sound. Also the GSt has velocity curves that are not supported by GS. I would advice to upgrade.

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    Re: When Post Steinway D?


    What\'s the status of the demo CD you mentioned in a previous post?



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    Re: When Post Steinway D?

    The master disk is finished. I included 2 pieces from Chopin, two modern pieces and additional demo\'s of my fortepiano and harpsichord cd\'s. The demo audio cd will be pressed at the same time as the Grandioso disks. I expect them back Mon 4 March. I\'ll have the audio disk announced here and we\'ll have it on the website (you will be able to order it for shipping costs only). Also we\'ll exhibit at Frankfurt Musikmesse Hall 5.0 Stand D11. We\'ll have a soundproof cabin to demonstrate the piano. We\'ll have the audio demo cd there as well.

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    Re: When Post Steinway D?


    Sorry, but i\'m a specialist of Steinway Piano.

    I\'ve heard you Post Steinway D of post piano
    suite (your old Steinway) and
    The Post pristine Piano.

    You Piano sampled sound like a electronic piano (Piannisimo veloc.)

    I hope that your next Piano will be more realistic.

    The Steinway B from Eastwest is the best.
    (we can hear the specific harmonic. of Steinway !!)

    Sorry for my poor english,

    Good work,


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    Re: When Post Steinway D?

    As I guess is well known, like the previous writer, I\'m a big East-West Steinway B fan. It is the principal \"instrument\" at my Mp3.com Well-tempered Clavier site.

    I\'m also the first to say that the Steinway B sample has big deficiencies that even the most aggressive filtering cannot fix.

    I once held the view that the current batch of sampled pianos could produce as good a sound as the best recorded live piano. I\'m afraid THAT isn\'t quite true. At least, not yet. I recently bought Anne Marie McDermott\'s Bach CD recorded in April 99 at St. George\'s, Brandon Hall, Bristol UK. Note, the accuracy of sound on this piano CD easily beats anything Sony, Denon, or Hyperion can manage. (Engineer, Mike Clements.) Because of that CD, I have been forced to admit that live piano recordings, at least as matters stand, can blow away the best sampled piano recordings. So, yes, even though the sampled piano can better many live piano recordings, there\'s work to do if the goal is to be the BEST.

    Work especially needs to be done on the BASS end of the Steinway. The East-West Steinway BASS is hopelessly MUDDY and BOOMY. Post\'s previous attempt at the sampling the Steinway, I thought, overcame the \"Muddy Bass\" hurdle. On basis of the mp3s Post has provided, it seems to me that his pending piano sample will easily eclipse the earlier effort.

    More than that, based on the mp3s Post has provided, my own view is that in its raw, UNFILTERED state, it is more accurate than the East-West Steinway B.

    The sample will cost me about 500 Can dollars, so I guess I better be right!

    John Grant
    http://www.mp3.com/stations/bach_wtc_1_part1 http://www.mp3.com/stations/wtc2

    [This message has been edited by john g (edited 02-21-2002).]

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    Re: When Post Steinway D?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Sorry, but i\'m a specialist of Steinway Piano.

    I\'ve heard you Post Steinway D of post piano
    suite (your old Steinway) and
    The Post pristine Piano.

    Have you listened to the MP3 demos of the Grandioso at http://www.postaudiomedia.com/demo.html

    Pretty impressive sounding, and some execellent piano players, dare I say \"specialists\" (such as \"Mr. Bach\", a.k.a. John Grant) happen to agree with this opinion.

    Worth a listen, IMHO!


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    Re: When Post Steinway D?


    Be care with \"mp3 demos\" !!!

    The Mp3 demo\'s are always good.....

    I spook about Post Steinway D (piano suite)

    I don\'t know how the new grandiosos Steinway
    d will sound !!!!!

    I can say that the PPP piano and the Post Steinway D are not realistic when i play
    with my Mp-9000 Keyboard.

    the pianissimo velocity sound like a electronic Piano of a expander !!!!

    that\'s why i prefer the Steinway B !!!!



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    Re: When Post Steinway D?

    From what I hear on MP3\'s of the Grandioso Steinway, it seems as though Michiel has very accurately captured the character of the Steinway Model D. I am sure that this sampled piano will be very nice!

    Bardstown Audio

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