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Topic: Kontakt 3... Saving Output Configs

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    Kontakt 3... Saving Output Configs


    Sorry if this is O/T, but it seems like everyone here uses Kontakt.

    I have only ever used K3 with a single default configuration in Cubase... 8 stereo outs.

    Is there a way to save -different- output layouts? I see the 8 out and the 16 out DLLs, but I was wondering if/how to roll my -own- for various needs.

    This is possible in Halion3 by saving a config and then making a copy of the DLL. It's an ugly approach, but it -does- work.




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    Re: Kontakt 3... Saving Output Configs


    The only way is to set the three different DLL (32, 16 or 8 output) in a way that feets almost all your needs.

    If it doesn't work for a very particular project then you indeed have to re-configure the outputs.

    Best regards

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    Re: Kontakt 3... Saving Output Configs

    If your sequencer allows it, set up and save different templates for your various output configurations. I do this in Sonar 7 and it works very well.

    Larry G. Alexander

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