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Topic: OT Distractions

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    OT Distractions

    Just had to share this. A couple of hours ago I was sitting at my computer working on a new piece. I was focused on a particular passage when my girl friend sticks her head in the door and stares at me. I slowly turned my head to see what she wanted. She says, "polonaise." I replied, "yeah?" She then asks, "that has nothing to do with Polish mayonnaise, does it?" I was at a complete loss and the passage in my head vaporized as I busted out laughing. I started to explain polonaise to her when I realized I was the victim of a prank. Now I'm searching for that passage, lol.

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    Re: OT Distractions

    Hi Bill!!

    Oh, how many times something like this has happened to me...

    I also must admit that I'm guilty of causing it too...

    I'm sure you'll find your passage again - if not, it wasn't meant to be...

    Take Care,

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