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Topic: Any news from Synful?

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    Any news from Synful?

    It's a pity that Synful development proceeds so slowly.

    I listened to Alain Mayrand's demos (here, here and here).

    Synful sounds too thin (to me), and maybe it will not turn out to be a keystone in sampling tech; but the overall result and the "delay for expression" feature are somewhat attractive.

    Any news from Eric?
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    Re: Any news from Synful?

    i hear you with the "thin" bit.
    i've used the violin solo patch, and found it to be convincing.
    the woods all sound too bland to me.
    the french horn slurs can work in some contexts, maybe even better than VSL's Epic Horns.
    last time i d/l the trial, i hardly found a use for it.


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