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Topic: Is EWQLSO compatible with Symphobia?

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    Is EWQLSO compatible with Symphobia?

    Do these two libraries sonically combine well?

    Does EWQLSO complete Symphobia, or would other libraries do that better? If so, which ones and why?

    Genre: Film/documentary.


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    Re: Is EWQLSO compatible with Symphobia?

    I would ask this question in another way: "Does Symphobia complete EWQLSO?"

    Yes, and Symphobia can complete any other library too.

    Symphobia is not a first library.
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    Re: Is EWQLSO compatible with Symphobia?

    No such thing as one lib not combining well with another. Every library can sonically combine well with every library. That is, if you know how to make them work together.

    But if you want a bread and butter answer from someone who has both, it's yes.


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    Re: Is EWQLSO compatible with Symphobia?

    Each developer has a slightly different sound to their library. I often combine EW with VSL and most of the time it works very well. The legato instruments of VSL compliment the excellent percussion and brass from EW.

    Project SAM was one of the earliest libs I bought and I often combined them with EW Silver, Prime Sounds Session Strings, and HALion String Edition 1. Their brass also sounded excellent. Because they record them with different mic positions you have make sure you choose the right one.

    Symphobia is quite the talk of the town these days, especially when you can go to TrySound.com and play around with the sounds. I wasn't convinced until I went to that site, loaded some brass and string ensembles and was blown away. I actually recorded a short demo that can be found in the listener area of this forum.

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    Re: Is EWQLSO compatible with Symphobia?

    Thank you for your comments…it’s valuable to get input by those who have experience working with combining several different libraries.

    Dave, thanks for pointing me to your demo…other demos I have heard confirm the same thing…the sounds are exceptional.


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