4pm Indianapolis/New York time
3pm Chicago time
I don't know or care what time it is in California
8pm (2000) GMT
9pm (2100) Monaghan Time

Last Sunday, we had over 300 chatters from 47 countries. Even Sun Ra dropped in from Outer Space for a few lines of chat, but his cousin, EtLux, was nowhere to be found, doubtless at home eating chicken...people were queued up for hours waiting to get in the chatroom...we solved all the world's social problems and developed the perfect euphonium library (well, that's redundant, now, isn't it?) as well as a player and a convulsion (not convolution) reverb for bouncing off the walls.

So don't be left out today... I won't be off on a gig, so SNORCHAT will again overtake the forum. Don't be left out in the cold this time, a social outcast not in the power elite. The loss is yours if you do not participate. If you are looking on the forum and find nobody here, they have all gone to SNORCHAT.

I am, however, going out to dinner at 5pm Indianapolis time, so I will be around for ONE HOUR only. At that time, I will turn SNORCHAT over to an officially-approved surrogate

ADMINS:Please ensure that there are a few dozen more pipelines open in the forum's chat area for today's SNORCHAT. We might want to go with SNORCHAT 1 through SNORCHAT 45. Thanks for setting this up!

Hallucinogenically yours,
Snorlax, the Summer Replacement Chatmeister.